Transformers: Bull Sh*t in Disguise!

Well I had thankfully avoided the Transformers movie for months because I didn’t want my childhood shat on by hollywood. However I was at my friends house on halloween and he started rambling about how good it was, and much to my dismay put on the movie. I was at first reluctant. But that reluctance turned to horror. This movie was utter fucking bull shit. I would not watch this again if I were locked in a pitch black room with no stimulae of any kind.


I wanted to hit myself in the mouth for agreeing to watch this during the scene where the autobots were hiding in the kid’s backyard. The fact that one of the autobots acctually urinated on someone was just ridiculous. It’s not even that I don’t like Michael Bay, the Rock was highly enjoyable.

Thanks Michael Bay for shitting on my childhood love for robots and giving all us fans one great big


Pace yourself. Trust me.


Your memories of the 80s cartoon are much better than the reality.

yes, but urination?

Shit. I got competition.

Sigh. We already have a thread on this very subject, in the Movies forum.

Have you actually seen the cartoon lately? I still love it out of sheer nostalgia, but it’s not, you know…good.

Rimbo will webcomic this thread. I have forseen it.

I wasn’t going to, but I hate to disappoint my public, so I just grabbed the most recent Transformers-movie-related comic from Shortpacked!

So let’s see… you advocate not believing in God, you didn’t like the Transformers movie, you posted a duplicate thread in the wrong forum, and you got Rimbo to webcomic this thread?

You’re the Devil, aren’t you?

In fact, I’d say that re-watching the original cartoon raped my childhood. I bought the first season on dvd a couple years back. I was horrified. I watched two episodes and couldn’t stomach it anymore.

Rule of Thumb: Never watch anything you thought was cool when you were a kid. I can virtually guarantee it sucked. The only thing that even vaguely held up was Galaxy Rangers.

That being said, I’m looking forward to the empirical research of showing Transformers to my nephews/children and seeing if they like it. LET THE CYCLE CONTINUE!

This exact same thing happened to me with ‘Battle of the Planets’.

At least in ‘Gatchaman’ form it is still watchable.

Satire I hope? Advocating disbelief in god is no worse (or better for that matter) than advocating belief in god. I don’t think either one is bad, since we’re free to make our own choices and in the end it’s up to us.

Having either belief shoved down your throat sucks, though.

Ummm, if I were serious, would I have listed him posting in the wrong forum as evidence of him being a supremely evil being (the jury’s still out on the Rimbo one)?

Question: I have a years-old bet, where a guy said that on BotP, they went fiery phoenix all the time, whereas I said it was a rare thing. The bet finally settled at halfsies, did they go fiery phoenix in more than half of the episodes. Your opinion?


Please, imbibe of the delicious kool aid.

Well, in the few episodes that I have on DVD, they definitely went to Fiery Phoenix mode less than half the time. I seem to remember it a lot, but that’s probably because it made such a great impression on me as a kid because it was SO FREAKING AWESOME.

But I’d probably guess that it was less than half the time.

I will eat my hat if this guy meets the “18 or older” requirement.

Well, it was Halloween.