Transformers: The Last Knight - Marky Mark and Hannibal Lecter vs CG

Might as well start a thread for this now that Sir Anthony Hopkins has been cast in the fifth Michael Bay robot-explosion-porn flick.

Mark Wahlberg returns as Cade Yeager, Josh Duhamel as Lieutenant Colonel Lennox, and Isabela Moner in an unspecified role.

In! No, seriously, in. I was a Transformers hater like the rest of you until Age of Extinction. What a crazy pile of insanity, with some really cool standout features, including Tucci (Oh my god!), Miller, Goodman, China, robot dinosaur mounts, city-wide metal sucking, and Titus Welliver’s face as his warrant. So, yeah, in!


Is he actually going to show up in the flesh, or will he just be a CG thing? Given the franchise’s trajectory, a Hannibal Lecter autobot sounds like a logical next step.

I swear if I ever met anyone in real life named Cade Yaeger I’d punch them in the face.

Well, good thing there’s nothing contrarian about not liking Transformers until the genre redefining Age of Extinction.

The only aspect in which this cinematic tour de force was lacking was dinosaurs shooting lasers out of their fucking eyes!

Funny, the dinobots in the cartoon did shoot lasers from their eyes.

… and it was awesome

Needs more Jai Courtney.

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