I barely ever post here and this is my second gushing review in two days…

Anyway, please take the time to check out Transparent on Amazon Instant Video. It is a brilliant, 10 episode series starring Jeffery Tamboor (sp?) as a transgender patriarch trying to come out to his wildly fucked up family. That sounds like it could be slapstick, but there are a lot of raw wounds laying around here. I binged watched this in two days (just finished, in fact) and loved almost every second. I say almost because a few of the characters are just such horrible, banal people that you just want to strangle them. But then, little slivers of humanity start to peek out and you just want to give them the hug they have been missing all of these years. The last four episodes have got to be some of the funniest and most moving television that I have seen in a long time. The final scene is just spot on and I hope they have the guts to just let this thing lie still and exist on its own. There obvious places for the story to go, but this series is certainly not about the obvious.

This series really makes me miss my dad…love you, dad. Sorry we never said it enough while we still could.

Well, here we are 14 months later and Season 2 is officially on Prime. Hopefully some of the 215 people who viewed this thread watched the first season.

I really hope they can keep up the quality/pathos of the first season. I am cautiously optimistic.

Edit: Well, it’s just a teaser for now. Not sure why Amazon would send me an email saying it’s available when it isn’t.

Thanks for the reminder. I saw this got some love at the last awards show, but then forgot about it. In the queue it goes.

Season three is out. Thought I’d check it out and see how it is…binged the first seven episodes. Loving it again. I wasn’t thrilled with season two, but the first half of season three is magic. Not a giant fan of where it is by episode seven, but it is certainly interesting.

Edit: Couldn’t resist wrapping this up and I’d rank this above season 2. It is obviously an issue oriented show, but season two was a bit too pedantic at times. I love these broken characters and how they just can’t help themselves, mostly due to pride and entitlement. Just when you want to throw in the towel and give up on a character they show true vulnerability and your heart just aches for them. YMMV but this is my favorite television drama right now.

Your persistence in this thread is admirable and I will finally start watching this show!

I never got past the first episode. It seemed like a show full of dislikable characters, pretty much all the children came across as terrible people I had no interest in following.

It is a show full of dislikeable characters, I’ll totally give you that. The kids are spoiled children of privilege.

That is a big part of what fascinates me about the show. Being rich doesn’t insulate you from personal doubt and dissatisfaction. I guess I just like watching these blind people muddle through life and wrestle with the impacts of their past experiences.

Yeah, I sort of get that. It’s not entirely dissimilar from Six Feet Under in that regard, but there I feel the characters didn’t start as in your face awful and also were always somewhat redeemable. With Transparent it sort of felt like they were modeling the show off of SFU but starting with the characters at where SFU’s were their worst.

Okay, season four is in the can and I am still madly in love with this show. Much less terrible behavior this season, but still my family of loveable misfits trying to find their place in the world. So privileged, so self-indulgent​, so ridiculously real. Hopefully the 3-6 people on this site who like this show enjoyed this season as much as I did.

It might be 7 people now. Me and my wife are halfway through season one and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.

I’m really looking forward to watching it, just too much other stuff to watch in the meantime.

He really was the heart of this show. I don’t see how it survives his loss.

However, Judith Light could continue to kill it and be a new nucleus for the family. We’ll see.