Transport Fever 2

Coming December 11! Man I cannot wait for this. I just hope there are significant improvement to interface, tons of QoL changes that have been desperately needed, and making some things less challenging to design and manage… like bus routes.


I have high hopes for this, but I worry the performance will be awful and the interface a mess like before.

While I’m happy to save money, I’m very concerned about the fact they’re running a pre-release sale of 25% off on TF2. That’s a huge discount with just a few weeks til release.

25% off is only for owners of TP1 otherwise it’s 10% off. Since I really liked the first game and they’re giving me a 25% discount I’ll probably buy it.

Yea I grabbed it. I didn’t realize the bigger discount was for previous owners. Rey nice!

28% off over on Humble Store for subscribers.


I’m happy with the new one just from the modular stations and the ability to have actual bodies of water.

Can you mouse over the -28% and see how it breaks down? I only see 24% with a standard 10% discount and then a 15% humble monthly discount applied to the reduced total. Then it says $2.50 AUD is going to charity. This has happened more than a couple of times where other subscribers seem to have better discounts than me, I wonder if it’s because I am Australian or because I have allowed charitable donations.


Probably the charity part, I use all the discount for cash off.

Ah that’s it, thanks. When you put a game in a cart you can move the sliding scale to determine how much for the discount and how much for charity, never knew that!

I qualify for the 25% deal too, but I’m on the fence. I really enjoyed Train Fever, but I bounced off Transport Fever, even though I’m at least as interested in aircraft as trains. At the time, Transport Fever might have just seemed like more of the same to me, but now that it’s been a few years, maybe I’m ready to catch the fever again?

Skye Storme spends the first few minutes gushing over some new features, if you’re interested in seeing how this differs from the original Transport Fever (actually he starts gushing around 4 and a half minutes in).

After trying to watch a few videos about this game, one thing IS clear… the game seems so complex, it looks overwhelming (and a lot of the videos I browsed through assume you played the first one, which I haven’t). Though I suppose you could set very small, achievable goals for yourself and expand as your understanding grows.

Make no mistake, it is very complex. But it’s one of those games where having to learn a second language in quantum transport mechanics is totally worth it :)

It’s not that bad really, you just have to figure out what won’t lose you a ton of money. The problem the first game had is that they screwed up the stat balance and so the trains wouldn’t actually pay off until 1900.

The nice thing about Transport Fever is you can really do whatever you like really. You can start off on a small map and build up very gradually.

This is very true.

Anyone planning on getting this on launch day (which is rapidly approaching)? I’m sorely temped by this title.

Greenman gaming has it for 28% off for their VIP members (around $29).

I preordered it. The first game is good (although I’m the kind of guy that really gravitates towards these games). It also had a rocky start, but the devs fixed it with the patches, so I trust them with the next one. Hopefully they keep on doing well!

In my opinion so from what I’ve seen of TF2 so far from videos it looks to be a nice incremental improvement. Not a huge jump, but a lot of nice upgrades that make it better than TF1. Honestly if it works mostly the same but has good improvements, I’m a happy camper.

I’ve been playing Mashinky a bit recently and that game is also good! We have options for nice transport games now!