Transport Fever 2

If you access the city’s info panel it will tell you.

In general, I think it’s going to be very hard to max out supply with less than two large cities.

Do you mean where it shows the supply over demand (i.e. as a fraction)?

Here’s a different question: does demand increase as a city grows? What I’m trying to figure out is if a growing city will increase its demand and exceed supply over time.

In the first Chapter’s missions the player starts with a ton of money. Do they make money harder to come by in later chapters?

I like the transportation missions, but I’m not crazy about the missions where I have to dig for works or erase trees. My compulsion makes me want to complete them though.

Do you guys prefer the campaign or the sandbox?

I like to mix it up. Play the campaign for a while, then do the sandbox, then return to the campaign for several missions, then back to sandbox again. I do recommend doing at least the first campaign before jumping into sandbox though.

I’ve got one more scenario in the first chapter, so I’ll do that one for sure before trying the sandbox.

I’ve been alternating between the sandbox and the map editor. Like Ginger_Yellow said, starting off in the sandbox can be difficult depending on the available opportunities.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing around with creating heightmaps from geographic data to import into their map editor. I’d like to recreate a real-world location with some logically placed industries as an alternative to the free game. Right now I’m still trying to decide if the game is most suited to a county, state, or country size map.


Picked this up at GMG for $18 ish.

I just learned about this one and am waiting for a sale. In the meantime, are people still playing? Does it have legs?

I only got a few hours in before real life took over and then I got distracted by other games. I do want to return, as I love shipping/delivery games.

I’m not playing at the moment, but Squirrel is doing a series of videos on it and I’m tempted to jump back in now I’ve made some progress on my backlog.

I like this kind of game. Currently, I’m playing RFS (Real Flight Simulator). This game isn’t only highly realistic, but can also boast incredible graphics. It got hooked me pretty fast. And thanks for sharing, I’ll check Transport Fever out for sure. It seems to be interesting.

I played for around 30 hours and think I got through the campaign. I thought it was pretty good although this may have been the game with dopey objectives. Can’t remember if that was this game or a different one.

Thank you. My wife and I have been watching squirrel’s videos and she seems more interested than I do. In fact, she said that she could see herself playing the game if she could do it on the tv sitting on the couch. She knows about the casting capabilities of the Steam Deck and may want to get one once others have posted their impressions.

Don’t need a Steam Deck to cast to a TV.

Is that right… I have a desktops upstairs and downstairs as well as a Steam controller. My hardware skills are weak… how can I cast form my desktops to my TV?

Assuming neither the upstairs or downstairs desktops are able to be connected directly to the TV, it will depend on what your TV is capable of and what other hardware you have. If you have an Xbox, you can stream your PC to it. If your TV uses Android TV, or is a modern Samsung, you should be able to install the Steam Link app and stream Steam games using that. Similarly if you have an AppleTV or similar set top box. If you were really desperate, you could stream from your desktop to your phone and mirror your phone screen to your TV with Miracast.

I will look for the Steam Link app for my television tonight. Thanks for the information!