Transport Fever 2

I only got a few hours in before real life took over and then I got distracted by other games. I do want to return, as I love shipping/delivery games.

I’m not playing at the moment, but Squirrel is doing a series of videos on it and I’m tempted to jump back in now I’ve made some progress on my backlog.

I like this kind of game. Currently, I’m playing RFS (Real Flight Simulator). This game isn’t only highly realistic, but can also boast incredible graphics. It got hooked me pretty fast. And thanks for sharing, I’ll check Transport Fever out for sure. It seems to be interesting.

I played for around 30 hours and think I got through the campaign. I thought it was pretty good although this may have been the game with dopey objectives. Can’t remember if that was this game or a different one.

Thank you. My wife and I have been watching squirrel’s videos and she seems more interested than I do. In fact, she said that she could see herself playing the game if she could do it on the tv sitting on the couch. She knows about the casting capabilities of the Steam Deck and may want to get one once others have posted their impressions.

Don’t need a Steam Deck to cast to a TV.

Is that right… I have a desktops upstairs and downstairs as well as a Steam controller. My hardware skills are weak… how can I cast form my desktops to my TV?

Assuming neither the upstairs or downstairs desktops are able to be connected directly to the TV, it will depend on what your TV is capable of and what other hardware you have. If you have an Xbox, you can stream your PC to it. If your TV uses Android TV, or is a modern Samsung, you should be able to install the Steam Link app and stream Steam games using that. Similarly if you have an AppleTV or similar set top box. If you were really desperate, you could stream from your desktop to your phone and mirror your phone screen to your TV with Miracast.

I will look for the Steam Link app for my television tonight. Thanks for the information!

The spring update launched last week finally added dynamic platform selection. Very tempted to start a new game to test it out.

What’s that do?

On a line by line basis, you can set alternate platforms that your train (and maybe other modes, I haven’t tried it) will go to if the assigned platform is occupied when it arrives at the station.

I picked this up on the Steam sale and love it.

I have noticed sometimes the truck platforms get bugged. I had a few games where say, the oil well wasn’t producing into the truck platform. The line worked since I was watching trucks go between the platforms. The platforms when I clicked on them showed the well, factory, etc. as connected.

I ended up watching Squirrel’s videos as the tutorial. When there is a warning sign “these tutorials are offensive, but not what we believe in” I think there may have been a better way for them to present the material.

Hmm, I enjoyed Squirrel’s MS Flight Sim videos, and thanks to your post, I’m watching a bit of his TF2 series now. Someone has flagged his videos as offensive, you’re saying?

I loved Train Fever, but I bounced off Transport Fever 1, possibly because I was a bit burned out on the genre. Is TF2 a big upgrade over TF1? How is performance?

I just re-read Tom’s review, and he emphasizes that TF2 lets you sit back and enjoy what you’ve created. As Tom says, Anno 1801 doesn’t really let you do that, and indeed I find Anno 1801 rather stressful to play.

I never played TF1, but Tom’s review is what made me get it.

It’s odd, but I like a game I can keep running while I go do something around the house.

I wish Squirrel did more of those videos, but I guess he got burned out bad.

No, in the game, there’s a content warning.

The campaign basically has a warning they involve colonization and they don’t agree with the themes they portray.

Which made me wonder why they did them that way anyway.

the squirrel series where he wants to make a billion dollars? man the first 4 episodes of that is a great intro to the game.

If you’re learning?