Transport Tycoon (iOS)

I never played the game and I am wondering what everyone thinks about this game coming to iOS with Chris Sawyer involved in the project? The game is due out later this year.

While I wait for the game I downloaded the open source project to give it a try (though my eyes are having a hard tie seeing everything - have to learn how to change the resolution.

The original is right up there with Civ II, LoTRo, Diablo II, and City of Heroes for my “most hours played” award. It’s VERY dated graphically now, but the new version may address that problem and Taylor’s involvement has to be a good thing.

I was surprised… why not… make a new one instead of “updating” an old game to iOS? Hopefully it is a baby steps towards new and fun things to come!

Because money.

Transport Tycoon was already on the iPad three years ago. I played it on my iPad 1.

Maybe what you played was this (believed to be a clone based on the openttd project and thought to be on the “shady” side):

Chris Taylor? You mean Chris Sawyer?

Yes I meant Sawyer. Corrected

Its out now, also (despite the title of this thread) for Android. Owen liked it in his preview at PT, though no formal review yet. $6.99, no IAP AFAIK. I’ll wait, too busy playing Pro Strategy Football and Junk Jack X on my phone.

Worth noting that’s been there for ages for free (albeit without the new interface):

OpenTTD is completely different. (And better – well, I mean the PC versions. I have no idea about this new TT phone version. I tried OpenTTD on my phone and it was a pain to interact with).

Bought it for Android and it seems pretty cool so far. You can definitely notice a higher level of polish than OpenTTD. Only bad thing so far is the interface can be a bit challenging to interact with (i’m playing it on a Google Nexus 7 @ 1920x1200).

I’m having a problem:

I’m playing the first Desert scenario, and I’ve connected two towns with a train. On the train I have a passenger car and a mail car. The train goes to the first town, collects mail and passengers, then goes to the second town, drops off the passengers and boards more, but keeps the mail. It won’t drop the mail off at either town.

I give it an order to drop off all mail, and it just sits in either station doing nothing until I remove that order, then it resumes picking and dropping off passengers but never dropping off the mail it’s carrying.

What’s going on?

Can the other station accept Mail?

Ah! Indeed they don’t. As a matter of fact, they produce passengers but accept nothing! They definitely accepted passengers before… how did that happen? What determines if mail and/or passengers are accepted? My station is 5 blocks long and it has about 5 houses inside it’s sphere of influence…

Does anyone understand how to change the order of stations?

I added one station in the middle of my first two, but when I try to have the order go in a row I cannot figure out how to do it. Right now it skips the station in the middle and comes back to it instead of a nice simple progression.

Don’t you have to redo the route, eg cancel th train route and start over putting them in the new order. A left over from the original if I remember correctly

I think it’s based on population, it could be the town has shrunk and now doesn’t support anything. You need a bigger second location, best try a re route to somewhere else.

That is what I thought too but do not see how to cancel the old route.