Trapped in a Closet

When the tiny child takes her pants off?

All I know is, when all ten parts come out in some kind of deluxe DVD set, I’m buying it.

I liked how half of the lyrics were “Rufus says Cathy says Chuck says.” Parts of that were completely incomprehensible, though, which sucks, because then you can’t laugh quite so hard at the stupidity of the rhymes.

Uh, you do realize that’s pretty much the exact same thing as saying “the alternative rock/pop community”, right?

Hip-hop and R&B are not the same thing at all, no matter what Clear Channel tells you.

And while I can’t speak for “the hip hop/rnb community” as a single monolithic entity possessing only a single opinion, everyone I know who’s seen it thinks it’s alternately ridiculous and hilarious. Maybe you’ve just been polling R. Kelly fans?[/quote]

Yeah, I think he’s actually talking about MTV-watchers. There’s more than enough actually intelligent hip-hop out there to ensure that nobody should have to regard TitC as the apex of anything other than hilarity.

I liked how half of the lyrics were “Rufus says Cathy says Chuck says.”[/quote]
Me too. His entire “he said, then she said” method of story telling is like watching a drunk, retarded five year old telling a story he’s making up as he goes along.

When I first heard the song on the radio it was part 3 only. I thought it was cute and clever for a song (“extreme? I come home to see my wife hiding a guy in a closet how extreme is that?”), reminded me of the Down Low songs so I downloaded all the other parts.

Talk about taking things too far. That poor dead horse just gets beaten over and over. Put the pencil down R.

I can’t believe no one has linked to Jimmy Kimmel’s RnB opera The Pizza.

Sarah Silverman is hot.

Wow, part six is just in sane.

“Cathy said Rufus!
Chuck said Rufus!
Cathy said Rufus!
Chuck said Rufus!”

It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, it just gets better each time.

You know, Shakespeare was considered a hack in his own time, too…

Man, I watch me some crap. I even like crap.

But try as I might, I cannot sit through that.

I’ve just watched it again, and my new favorite part is the cop taking a drag on the cigarette as he walks up to Kelly’s car. Every repeat viewing just reveals more subtle nuances that tie into the elaborate plot!

Thread revival!
I recently discovered the directors commentary versions, “to be honest with you, I only came up with beretta, because I really needed a rhyme word for dresser”.

I really enjoyed episode 9 (the Omar episode), for some awesome* rhyming and storytelling. If only I could find a commentary version of it.


Weird Al also does a spot-on parody of Trapped in the Closet on his new Straight Outta Lynwood album, “Trapped In The Drive-Through”. It’s flippin’ awesome.

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