Trauma Center

Loving this game! Haven’t even cracked Castlevania yet because I’m so hooked on Trauma Center.

Unfortunately I’m stuck on a mission not to far in, only on chapter 2. My withered reflexes, I guess. Still though, highly recommended. Unlike Ouendan, whose coolness really doesn’t have much to do with the touch screen interface per se, and Warioware: Touched, which is gimmicky, this is the first game that really feels like it is analog in a way that would be very difficult to do on a console (though it would be awesome on the PC).

Agreed. Really fun game. I need to find Castlevania as well, but am really enjoying Trauma Center.

I’m pretty squeamish, so I think I’ll have to skip this one. :-?


So am I. I can deal with anything… anything at all. Scary movies barely do anything to me.

But- when it comes to open surgery… I freak out. It’s my one weaknesses. If there is surgery on the TV, I have to close my eyes and turn the channel.

Which sucks, because I REALLY want to play this game. But, I’m afraid I’ll just be freaking out the whole time.

This also brings up something I was thinking about the other day.

Some day, someone is going to make a game with models that have fully-meshed out guts. Like, full intestines, liver, heart, etc in the correct place. When you shoot these models, they will have realistic physics on all the innards, and it will simulate them pouring out of the wound in realtime.

This is just going to wig me out. I can look at gore in games all day without so much as flinching… but when it gets to this level, I don’t think I can deal with it.

When you’re able to stick a knife in someone, withdraw it, then see realistic innards gushing out of them it’s going to be too visceral. It’ll get to the point where you can poke at someone’s fully-rendered and reactive innards with a knife…

Anyone else feel like they couldn’t deal with this?

Ha ha, you guys are sissies!

Trauma Center is pretty freaky when you’re going in, but once you’re poking at vaguely organ-shaped squishy purple things, it’s not so bad.

The funny thing about this game is that it’s super-twitchy. Seriously. It doesn’t require surgical precision so much as a quick memory and reflexes. I only got maybe about ten surgeries in before giving up because I realized it all came down to jerking the stylus around in super-fast memorized gestures. Which is pretty cool and all, but not my bag.


If they start modelling exit wounds perfectly, I’m right the fuck out of the shooter genre. Soldier of Fortune II was one thing, but realistic gut spilling is quite another.


That’s a shame. Not a shame for my game budget, but still.

So I heard, and I wonder why. I mean Wario has the stylus-twitch gimmick pretty much nailed, and that game has the whole of Nintendo’s gigantic PR machine behind it, while Atlus has … a few pretty adds and our word of mouth. So why not branch out a bit and make it more of a skill/puzzler? Its not like you have to change all that much for the limited amount of time I’ve had with the demo - slow it down, tighten up the sutures tool a bit, increase the importance of accuracy, maybe randomise it a bit more. Perhaps in the sequel…

Dear god, you make the future sound awesome. You think they’ll have this kind of thing for DoW 2? GoTY, baby.

Not sure what you mean by twitchy. Using the scalpel really requires some specific cuts and doing it really fast never works for me.

RE: Squirmish people- I’m pretty sensitive to gore, but the rendering in this game isn’t even close to the real thing. Everything is a bit cartoony, which is nice because you can actually see what you are doing.

I’m digging it. It’s a fun quirky game.

haha, literally!

Yeah, it’s highly cartoony. I can’t stand wounds in real life but this game hasn’t pushed that button for me at all. Maybe I’ve been suitably desensitived by years of gory & violent games.

I’m in chapter 3 now and it hasn’t gotten super twitchy yet. There are some challening missions so far, but I figured out what I was blocked on before… I needed to use a mechanic introduced in the previous mission that somehow I thought they would prompt me on. It does involve learning to use tools and procedures, which is why it’s a game I want to finish… if I come back to it in 6 months or only play it on airplanes I’d have no clue what to do anymore :)

Oh, yeah. Never even thought about med school due to industrial strength willies. Somewhat improved now that I’m a parent, but then you have no choice…

“Trauma Center: Under the Knife” is in no way an authority on medical terminology. The best way to learn about various surgical procedures in detail would be to take a nursing class or go to medical school.

Damn. And here I thought I was getting the equivalent of a John Hopkins internship.

Omg the game gets hard. It went from easy to having to repeat it once, to slapping you so hard up side the head all you can manage is a plaintive cry for your momma. After 20+ tries I gave up because I was attracting attention on the plane with my cursing. Luckily Castlevania is much more gradual about introducing levels of difficulty.

I haven’t looked up that quote but do I get forum points if I guess it’s from IGN?

Hate to be a douche, but which portable is this on?

DS. Stylus = surgical tool.

No. You’d have gotten brownie points if you had guessed it was from the manual, because no one reads manuals except for tech writers.

This game is incredible. I couldn’t stop playing it. Castlevania, Lost in Blue, Digital Devil Saga 2, Battalion Wars, and three new PC games have all been put on hold thanks to this damned game. I loved it. But now I’m stuck on the last level. Argh. Damn my soddened reflexes.