This is like Jericho, a guilty pleasure that has cancelled written all over it. I find myself enjoying it, despite the fact that it is weak. The concept is quite fun, I like a good conspiracy type drama. The execution is poor at times, and the plot has gaping holes in it. Anyone else watching?

My girlfriend’s mom loves it. I haven’t given it a chance myself.

It’s pretty good, but don’t grow too attached, it’ll be canceled very shortly. ABC canceled daybreak, which was only ever supposed to last 13 episodes in the Lost mini-break and a much better show. Traveler is doomed. I give it a 10% chance to play the whole season. If it was on Fox, that’d be 0%.

I thought ABC canceled the show before the episode aired. Eight episodes and that’s it.

That was my understanding as well. says it was reshot, so they’ve probably bled a lot of money into it, therefore cancelling it.

When is it on - we watched the ‘pilot’ when it was on, and then came in at the end of the next episode by accident … ?

So Traveller was “pre-cancelled” before it even aired?

I’ve watched the pilot and two follow-up episodes so far. It’s an interesting concept, but the actors and the scripting are somewhat weak. The artist girlfriend is way hot though, so that’s a positive.

Considering it’s a “summer series” I figured it for an 8-10 episode run and then cancelled.

I’m just hoping they do it ‘correctly’ - as a discrete show that begins and ends in a satisfying way within those 8 shows.