Treasure Hunters

After the two hour premiere and last night’s delayed follow-up, I’m convinced the show NBC is airing is not the show the producers wanted to make. The premise of the show was solid, let’s mix a little DaVinci Code with some National Treasure in an Amazing Race style setting and get teams of resourceful and smart people to compete against each other to follow the clues and win the prize. Then someone stepped in and said, “Hey, that sounds great, but we need to make a few changes to appeal to a broad audience.” And the dumbing down began…

The “puzzles” and “clues” are pathetically easy. Granted it’s much easier to figure stuff out when sitting on a couch in your living room than it is under pressure in a race with little sleep, but it’s just sad when it takes the people at home less than 15 seconds to figure out what needs to be done next, and then you spend the next 10 minutes of show watching teams spend hours figuring out the same thing.

Even worse is the casting. Some teams, like Ex-CIA, Geniuses and Air Force, were obviously chosen to be somewhat competitive. Miss USA, Grad Students and Young Professionals were all camera friendly, which every reality show needs apparently. The rest are simply stereotypes. Hanlons are the morons of the bunch, Brown Family is the loveable fat guys, Southie Boys are the annoying young guys group, and Fogel’s are the Bilble Bangers. Instead of interesting people with interesting backgrounds competing to see who can use logic, intuition and puzzle solving skills in combination with physical effort to solve challenges and stay in the race, we have a contest of “who can follow simple directions the best”.

It’s totally dumbed down for Idiot America, which is a big dissapointment. Then again, I don’t know why I expected anything different.