Treasure Planet: Battle at DX9

Anyone else had any problems with this? I played the first seven or eight missions of TP:BaP, then other games pushed it aside. I went back to play some more tonight, and loading times had become huge. I timed a couple, and they are pushing five minutes. The only change I’ve made to my system since starting was to install DX9, so I’m guessing that has something to do with it. Any suggestions?

Secondary issue: Disney’s lack of support is so bad it is scaring me away from Tron 2.0. The e-manual says, “To access information about Disney Interactive programs on the World Wide Web, point your browser to and click on the " ? " Customer Support icon.”

Really? When I go there, it redirects me to the Disney Store and there is no “?” Customer Support Icon. Well, there is a “?” and phone icon, but that just gets me information about completing my order. After all the times my girls dragged me to the Disney Store to buy fragile, overpriced crap, I should be used to this, but I’m not.

Oh, and Barking Dog’s site now redirects to the Rockstar Vancouver site, and the “Our Games” section is empty. Double turd!

No suggestions from here. Sorry to hear about your problems. I have an unopened copy in my “to play” stack. I’m also running DX9.

BTW, I saw the game for $10 at Target.

I’ve been to that site to look for baby games (for the baby.)

The site sucks ass.

The baby games looked cute though.

I loved the game, but played it all with DX9, so I just assumed 5-10 minutes per level was the norm.

As a tip, it you press Esc while it is loading, it will at least be paused at the start of the mission so you can come back 5 minutes or 30 minutes later.

The game is $10 around here and well worth it.

If the scenarios are too easy, just change the level to hard and “good luck”.

There are multiplayer and various historical and open skirmish maps for quick battles.

At least it is reassuring to know it is not just my rig. I’ll just grin and bear it since I like the game - it satisfies a Patrick O’Brian gaming jones pretty well. It is nice to see weapon and crew choices make a difference. Last night I held fire until a pirate was close, then disabled her in a single broadside of Heavy Carronades. Grappled her to keep her close, crossed the T, and pounded her into splinters. Expert gunners don’t miss often at that range.

I’m guessing Disney’s plans for a patch are right after “Release Mickey Mouse to the public domain” on their list of things to do.

I"ll brainstorm with the guys on what DX9 is doing to the game. While i would very much love to implement a patch, our current situation makes it highly unlikely. Hopefully, its just a DX9 setting we can have you modify.


I haven’t noticed big load times with DX9. Not sure how long they are but I would remember 5 minutes. ATI 9700 Pro and 2.62 Ghz P4 for a reference point.

– Xaroc

I wonder if it is an nVidia/DX9 issue? I’m running a Ti4200 (128MB) with the 41.09 drivers, 2.4 P4, 512MB of PC2700, and 7200rpm Western Digital drives. Even BF1942 levels load in under 30 seconds.

466 Celeron
MX400 w/ 41.09 drivers
4GB HD w/ 1 GB free

I just tested a load with a stopwatch on it. 30 seconds to load mission 6.

– Xaroc

466 Celeron
MX400 w/ 41.09 drivers
224 MB RAM/4GB HD/1 GB free

Also, I was amazed to find my saved game folder was 90MB with some saved games at 3.5 MB

Anyone contacted Castewar from Barking Dog about this?

Sounds like they are on it from the GeneralFyst post above.

I loaded up Mission 6 as a comparison for Xaroc’s test. Three minutes, 55 seconds.

Damn for once having my 9700 pro has turned out to be a good thing. ;)

– Xaroc

2:08.35 (2 minutes) to load Mission 6 on a lousy 466 Celeron with all display options maxed (exc. 1024 x 768 x 32 bit).

Try exiting the antivirus software and reloading Mission 6.

For those who have not tried it, it is a great game! Trust me, for $10 you will get more entertainment from it than most of those 1997 bargain bin titles that are the same price.

I agree! This is a great game at a fantastic price…