Treat Your Mother Right


i’m not sure if those pants are safe for work…

Yet more proof that there’s no excuse for poeple thinking that the 80’s were in any way superior to the decade that preceded them.

This from the legendary character-building video “Be Somebody Or Be Somebody’s Fool” ?

Alright Whitta, you can’t expect me to believe you’ve never been to seanbaby’ site.

Wow, that was bad–like half public service announcement and half music video. It’s a wonder MTV was even launched with stuff like this floating around.

Oh boy, Mr. T in hot pants. YEAH!

I’m pretty sure.

I somehow found it on a VCD sitting in my collection, but haven’t had the stones to actually sit down and watch it in its entirity.

That’s pronounced “Somebody’s Foo,” sucka…

Ahhhhh Le Tigre shirts :O

errr uhhh anyway to save this to my drive? WMP won’t let me.