Trek crew are kicking the bucket

Wow, what a depressing past week for Star Trek fans.

Joseph Pevney, director of City on the Edge of Forever, Trouble with Tribbles, and other classic eps dies.

Then Alexander Courage, who wrote the famous Star Trek theme.

Now producer Robert Justman, one of the big three on Star Trek (next to Roddenberry and Fontana), just died. Justman is the one credited as the one for pushing Roddenberry into accepting Patrick Stewart as Picard.

Kicking the bucket?

Dude, they’re going to the final frontier.

ahem, i believe you mean the undiscovered country.

Either way, where no man has …wait a minute.

It is sad, but these guys must have been REALLY old by now.

Can’t they just use their patterns stored in the pattern buffer for the transporter to make themselves young again? That always seemed obvious to me. In fact, it makes you wonder why anyone ever aged in Star Trek at all.

Actually, if you have dermal regenerators and similar medical instruments, you could accomplish roughly the same thing. The tech needed for transports and holodecks should be sufficient to recreate damaged cells good as new. So yeah, I’m with you.