Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)


Yeah, that’s typically what I do. Then use the LAND button to return to the Landing Zone you’ve already landed on.


Thanks. These guys seem to have made a very cool game, but they need some remedial PC game interface lessons. The escape key should always call up the main menu. It is known.


It’s a Festivus miracle! Codes the iOS and Android versions of Star Traders: Frontiers have now been sent to Kickstarter backers. (Release for non-backers is set for late January).

I just downloaded to my iPad and it looks great. I’m hoping there might be plans for cross-platform saves (I also have PC version) but glad to have it in a mobile format.




Excepting it isn’t available in the store for the rest of us yet ;E


I bought this game for Windows and have barely scratched the surface. One thing that I’m not getting is how to tell how long a turn lasts-- is it a day as in Space Rangers 2/HD?


The tooltips will tell you pretty much everything you need to know. For the time system, hover your cursor over the date. The date is written ####.## where #### = the year, and ## = the week out of 52 weeks. Each week is, I believe 10 turns, which means a day is 1.4 turns. You’ll have to check my math on that, but it’s in the tooltip. The tooltip also tracks how many turns have passed since your game started.

Also, quick tip: as with many indepth strategy games, don’t get ambitious with the difficulty level on your first playthrough. Swallow your pride and learn the game’s systems on the easy difficulty.



Thanks, Tom. I’ll try that, especially the thing about playing on the easiest difficulty. Didn’t you stream this at some point? On the YouTube channel it looks like it was August 1st, but I could have sworn that there was a more recent one. Maybe I’m just confusing it with Stellaris though.


It was my last stream. I hadn’t flipped the switch for it to go into the archives yet, but here it is:

And even since that stream, I’ve figured out a whole lot more stuff.



Ah cool, thanks.


I will add that Tom’s stream (which was somewhat of a yawner – or at least I almost fell asleep)) was very detailed on the systems and stuff in that game. I was surprised to see so much detail in character generation etc. My early access experience was much more limited.

Tom did carefully go over the menus. I plan on trying it again here in the next two days I have free.


Yeah its one of them games you should go play, and not watch be played. :)


(c’mon LK you yawned)


So one of 99.99% of all games? :-P


Playing Star Traders reminds me of DopeWars levels of UI jank.


Ah, thankie, I had asked for that link!

Edit: and it cuts 40 minutes in, right after the Sarah Palin generating. Where is the rest?!


Lefty when he gets to Sarah Palin that’s really just the start. Plus in the end I don’t think his character resembled her at all in that game.


For some reason, it’s split into two videos. I’ve never had that happen before. But both parts should be live. Here:


EDIT: And by the way, I’ve played a ton more since the stream. If I knew then what I know now…


I picked this one up, and it is looking good so far. But it is tough to get used to the controls – over and over I know what I want to do, but where the heck is the button for that.

Wiki is helpful with the meat of the game, but not so much with the UI. But then my wife and I seem to complain about all game UIs. :)

Anyway, the game is an interesting mixture, offering a ton of freedom and an interesting “world.”


All I can say is WOW, what an underappreciated game. A very nice balance of trading, exploring, politics, stealth missions, smuggling, patrolling, spying, battles, and deep RPG-style crew development. Lots of balls to keep in the air!

We are supposed to travel tomorrow, and my obsession with developing my crew and ship is seriously impeding my concentration on getting packed and all the arrangements made. :)