Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)

Playing Star Traders reminds me of DopeWars levels of UI jank.

Ah, thankie, I had asked for that link!

Edit: and it cuts 40 minutes in, right after the Sarah Palin generating. Where is the rest?!

Lefty when he gets to Sarah Palin that’s really just the start. Plus in the end I don’t think his character resembled her at all in that game.

For some reason, it’s split into two videos. I’ve never had that happen before. But both parts should be live. Here:


EDIT: And by the way, I’ve played a ton more since the stream. If I knew then what I know now…

I picked this one up, and it is looking good so far. But it is tough to get used to the controls – over and over I know what I want to do, but where the heck is the button for that.

Wiki is helpful with the meat of the game, but not so much with the UI. But then my wife and I seem to complain about all game UIs. :)

Anyway, the game is an interesting mixture, offering a ton of freedom and an interesting “world.”

All I can say is WOW, what an underappreciated game. A very nice balance of trading, exploring, politics, stealth missions, smuggling, patrolling, spying, battles, and deep RPG-style crew development. Lots of balls to keep in the air!

We are supposed to travel tomorrow, and my obsession with developing my crew and ship is seriously impeding my concentration on getting packed and all the arrangements made. :)

Same …

Anyone try this on a phone? I’m in the mood for a new smartphone game but not sure how Star Traders fare compared to the PC

I only tried launching it, and as expected, it was silly on my tiny iPhone 5 screen. I doubt your phone is that bad though!

The interface isn’t bad, it’s just small.

iPhone 7 Plus here. It’s doable. Surprisingly so in fact.

Weirdly I find the iOS version much better, partly because the interface is a tiny bit cleaner but mostly because it pulls me back from that desire to obsessively optimise everything and I can have a more experiential playthrough.

And it’s just been updated with about 20 pages worth of changelog, as is usual at Trese inc., but of interest to the last few posts is the mention of improved iPhone support, whatever it means!

I’ve been using it on my Samsung Galaxy S6/7 (I can’t remember which one it is) - it’s been fine. Only one or two things really irk me coming from PC but they’re not gamebreakers.

I want to give these guys public credit and thanks. I kickstarted this, paid for the option that gave both a PC/Steam game and an iOS game. When the time came for the iOS version, they sent an email out with the iOS game code but it was only good for 7 days. I didn’t pay much attention to that and was slack about redeeming the code and missed the deadline and my code expired. I emailed them, explained things, and asked if there was any way I could get a new code. I was hopeful but didn’t demand one, and would have certainly been ok if they couldn’t do that - it was my lazy fault after all. Within a day, I heard back directly from one of the brothers in an email with a new code. So thanks guys for customer service that was above and beyond.

Great story.

(And if anyone is wondering, that 7-day expiration on the iOS code is apparently some Apple nonsense, not imposed by the devs).


Star Traders: Frontiers has received update 166!

These guys floor me.

In their last update they wrote this, “If you’re enjoying the pace of updates and improvements, please share the game with a fiend and be sure to leave a review!”


I will not buy it.

Because I already bought it on Steam and Google Play. Great game and devs well worth supporting.

How well would this work on a phone (not tablet)? I’ve got all this Google funny money sitting around…