Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)

Same here. I think I have a little over 100 hours into this game but I haven’t played in about a year. During that time I never had a single mutiny. I just had one early in this run. Crew desertion seems more prevalent now, I’ve had at least 6 desert and I’m fairly generous with the spice plate but maybe I need to stop more frequently to meet payroll.

Out of curiosity I looked up what spice is and why it boosts morale. This from the Wiki

“ The spice is the universal intoxicant that keeps any good spice hall running for spacers and gravs alike. By the time it reaches the spice hall, it has been refined from its naturally occurring or farmed form into all sorts of consumable eats, drinks, smokes, and other delights.

In its natural state, spice is an organism that in many ways resembles a modern coral – spreading through spores released into the air which take root and replicate when they land in favorable conditions. From these spores grow a hard crystalline structure that eventually cracks or shatters and releases another round of spores to continue the spice’s spread.

Spice has been found to be naturally occurring on worlds across the galaxy, even before the arrival of the Star Traders. How the spice crystal has traveled the stars is an abiding mystery.”

I like my spice with a vudka chaser

They always talk about “the spice plate,” which I guess is more metaphorical than literal. Early on in conversation you mention “spice beer” to the Arbiter, so I was assuming it came in like a powdered or cotton candy-like form that you took a pinch or handful of depending on your robustitude and added to your beer, into which it dissolved.

I believe it auto-updates anyone using standard weapons to the matching weapon in your current locker. Anyone using unique weapons (which seem to be really hard to get hold of) won’t upgrade I think. It is worth changing the weapon people use to match their skills though.

Bear in mind that you spend initiative when acting and some skills and weapons cost more than others. Snipers will almost never get two shots in a round, while pistoleers may get three. Also if you go too far negative, you’ll get a decrease next round.

So there’s a button that says “auto level,” I believe, and when you tap it a big popup appears asking if you want to let the game level your guys for you, but if you click Accept it seems like nothing happens and you still have to do it manually.

Got quite a backlog, and really no interest in a game with no ending, does this one really not have an ending?

I finally won the mini boss in the Secret Lab!! The reward is well worth the pain - $1M in credits and a Steam achievement! One big, juicy million credit! How exciting! Instead of buying a new ship, I upgraded every components of my existing ship. I hope they will serve me well later.

It seems that I have previously upgraded a room for guest into a prison cell. I did it for a mission which pays well but I wonder if I need to change it back. Do you think my future guest would mind staying in a cell? Ha ha ha… It’s either the prison or the guest room. Maybe I do need a bigger ship instead. Let’s see.

The storyline in this game is pretty good, I must say. It’s what made all these fighting and running around worth my time.

So does the the storyline have an ending then?

Don’t know. I’m probably just 30% of the way, maybe? But I’m intrigued by it.

Is Star Traders kept up to date on iPad like it is on steam? I’m wondering why it’s so much cheaper on iPad store.

Because App Store customers balk at paying up front at all, let alone prices people will have no problem paying on Steam.

So it’s kept up to date like the steam version?

The version history on the Apple store shows the last update as 3.2.11 dated Oct 17. That’s the same as the Steam version, although there might still be a difference in features or content.

It usually lags behind the steam version on updates, but not for very long. I feel like it was 1-2 weeks later than Steam when I was playing a lot, which is not much of an issue. The game is also well suited to an iPad. I’d go for it.

Can’t speak to that. I don’t game on my iPad. I just know that’s why there’s a price difference on lots of stuff between the two platforms.

Cool thanks :)

I have it on both mobile and Steam. As far as features go they are totally on par. As was said above, the mobile version lags a few days behind on every patch (which are slowing down now, every two weeks or so) which are mostly new things.

I installed it on iPad. I’m not sure I have the brain power to wrap my head around something like this while sick but would like to try, any suggestions for getting going and how to not get overwhelmed?

I’d suggest just thinking of it is as a roguelike in the sense of don’t worry about failing and having to start over. There are many different ways to play, find one you enjoy. Piracy? Trader? Fighter? You get the idea. Learn by your failures, but relax and have fun in the sandbox.

I think the hardest thing is to know where to even start. I did the transport and official meeting, and that’s it thus far.