Trials of Fire

I am still playing a bit but it’s not grabbing me like it was.

Has anyone else run into a case where the next goal is so far away your morale breaks? Just had this problem in a God Hunt run (second leg). We made it to meet the Lich but were “broken” by the time we got there. It was by far the furthest I’ve ever had to travel for a goal and then I had to hunt around for a cave entrance for entirely too long. We won the fight anyway (by the skin of our teeth) but it was all too close for comfort. I’m wonder if this is a bug or something I can prevent by other means? Is there any way to raise morale other than getting to the next boss?

Haven’t had that happen to me yet.

Interesting, since I know you’ve played a lot more than I have. That’s heartening, at least. I was wondering if it was just an intended feature of god hunt.

I was at least pleased to see that, after I beat that boss, morale jumped all the way back to “Determined.” I was worried the whole run was ruined but maybe it’s salvageable with some care.

Is there any way to bump up morale other than making the next checpoint? I’ll admit it’s not a mechanic I understand very well.

I am now apparently stuck in a wonderful loop of . . .

  1. Attempting the seasonal quest Niam’s Rampage, on Hard. It is the one allowing 20 days to basically go out, get tough, then return to take on a big bad.

  2. Going with Warlord, Spirit Speaker & Warrior team

  3. Building Warlord as an almost pure buffer, Warrior as a crowd control tank & damage dealer and flexing the Spirit Speaker between ranged damage dealer, summoner or second melee damage dealer depending on what upgrades become available

  4. By day 15 or so, building a slick super team that appears unstoppable

  5. Taking on “one last fight” prior to the big bad and getting full party wiped within it.

I am attempting to break the loop by dropping to Medium difficulty . . . going well so far, day 10 . . .

Now that you have mentioned it I will give it a go! Just as soon as I complete the seasonal Niam’s Revenge one . . . which may take some time :-P

I couldn’t make it on Normal! That boss hits hard.

I should try that one. I kinda forgot about it.

I completed Niam’s Rampage! On Medium . . . placing me 201 on the global leaderboard!

Wow, that boss fight is a boss fight. I learned a new mechanic. Every time you shuffle through your entire deck, you get an exhausted card. I must have shuffled through nearly a dozen times in this fight, which took me well over 60 minute of playtime. For about half of that battle I could not figure out where the exhausted cards were coming from as I was deliberately not playing any of the cards I have that generated them.

Battle was epic . . . in length and tension. Because of the ever increasing pile of exhausted cards I began to worry I would fail to finish Niam before my decks became utterly trash.

If you are gonna try it, spoiler-ey tips below . . .

Niam is a single character and cannot summon, cannot be slowed or immobilized, has a default of 3 damage reduction from all sources, has a power card that adds further damage reduction, and has 2 x battle stance (+3 damage) power cards. One key vulnerability is to exposed, which has double duration or something similar

Therefore . . .

  • Area of effect cards are inefficient
  • Cards that do a lot of damage in a single hit are very high value
  • Armour piercing attacks, armour removal, and armour denial are great value
  • Basic / non-upgraded attacks will do little or no damage, so replace them if you can
  • Combo attacks will do no damage (unless somehow highly boosted)
  • Damage dealing summons will probably not be able to do much or any damage
  • Exposed is a key mechanic
  • Any cards that let you steal powers are very helpful, part of the reason I eventually won was that I stole all 4 of Niam’s power cards and applied them to my own heroes

Nice! I’m playing Per Aspers right now, but I’m going to try this mission next time I start a new game of ToF.

What dream team are you guys using for these? I’m struggling with characters like the Warlord and the hunter seems all over the place. I recently unlocked the Assassin and the witch, so still unlocking cards for those two. What are your go to characters?

EDIT: I do see @Lykurgos 's combo up a few posts… I don’t have the spirit guy unlocked yet =)

I find that these two combinations work so well, I am reluctant to try others on the ‘harder’ runs.

Warrior as tank / damage dealer
Spirit Speaker as wildcard, ranged damage, area damage, summoner or melee
Warlord as buffer & group mover


Warrior as tank / damage dealer
Hunter as ranged damage dealer & summoner
Warlord as buffer & group mover

Within both of these builds, I do this . . .

Warrior. Balance out the damage dealing and defence capacity. Ideally done with power cards like defensive stance (+defence on every melee hit) and battle readiness (+3 damage).

Hunter / Spirit Speaker. Once I have a few items or power ups I try and build them into a specific role. For example, making the Hunter either a high ranged damaged dealer, or making him a summoner, but typically not going with hybrid due to lower synergy. For example, the ‘deadshot’ power that adds +3 to ranged damage is excellent, but also costly to apply, so it does not go well with lots of summoning cards.

Warlord. Emphasis on getting ‘Leadership’ played as top priority. Get multiple ‘Show the Way’ cards to reduce the need for other heroes to use move cards for moving. Get 1 each of Bolster (play power for free), Regroup (protection / clear debuffs), Inspire (+damage) and upgrade them if possible so they cost 0. Equip with stuff that provides extra cards that can be played on other heroes in order to maximise use of Leadership

I always use Warrior + Hunter + (cycle through the others)

Me too. I’ve had particularly good results with the Witch in that third slot, though I keep coming back to the alchemist because he’s fun. I can’t figure out how to use the Warlord at all, she seems to be dead weight any time I try.

Truth be told, the 3rd character’s cards gets recycled a lot more than the Hunter or Warrior. I just can’t rely on them as much but they are useful situationally for me.

Thanks guys. Gave me some ideas to chew on tonight. I definitely find the Warlord dead weight as well, but some people swear by them. more research required I guess =)

I like the Elemental / Warlord / Assassin combo. Assassin does most of the damage most of the time, the other two can both do some tanking as well as switch in to heavier magic or melee damage mixes for specific encounters. (I have played almost exclusively on hard from day 1, and I’m probably done for a while at this point, after 30+ hours and no regrets.)

Is there a way to customize your starting deck once you unlock cards, or is it always the same?

I am not as good as most of you (I finally finished all of the main quests last night), but I mostly run Warrior / Assassin / Witch. Assassin does a ton of damage, the power that lets another character get sneak when the assassin does powers up the warrior nicely, and Dominate is one of the best things you can do in a boss encounter for 1 willpower.

Not really, though you can change each character’s starting weapon which changes one of their cards.