Trials of Fire

Nice! I’m playing Per Aspers right now, but I’m going to try this mission next time I start a new game of ToF.

What dream team are you guys using for these? I’m struggling with characters like the Warlord and the hunter seems all over the place. I recently unlocked the Assassin and the witch, so still unlocking cards for those two. What are your go to characters?

EDIT: I do see @Lykurgos 's combo up a few posts… I don’t have the spirit guy unlocked yet =)

I find that these two combinations work so well, I am reluctant to try others on the ‘harder’ runs.

Warrior as tank / damage dealer
Spirit Speaker as wildcard, ranged damage, area damage, summoner or melee
Warlord as buffer & group mover


Warrior as tank / damage dealer
Hunter as ranged damage dealer & summoner
Warlord as buffer & group mover

Within both of these builds, I do this . . .

Warrior. Balance out the damage dealing and defence capacity. Ideally done with power cards like defensive stance (+defence on every melee hit) and battle readiness (+3 damage).

Hunter / Spirit Speaker. Once I have a few items or power ups I try and build them into a specific role. For example, making the Hunter either a high ranged damaged dealer, or making him a summoner, but typically not going with hybrid due to lower synergy. For example, the ‘deadshot’ power that adds +3 to ranged damage is excellent, but also costly to apply, so it does not go well with lots of summoning cards.

Warlord. Emphasis on getting ‘Leadership’ played as top priority. Get multiple ‘Show the Way’ cards to reduce the need for other heroes to use move cards for moving. Get 1 each of Bolster (play power for free), Regroup (protection / clear debuffs), Inspire (+damage) and upgrade them if possible so they cost 0. Equip with stuff that provides extra cards that can be played on other heroes in order to maximise use of Leadership

I always use Warrior + Hunter + (cycle through the others)

Me too. I’ve had particularly good results with the Witch in that third slot, though I keep coming back to the alchemist because he’s fun. I can’t figure out how to use the Warlord at all, she seems to be dead weight any time I try.

Truth be told, the 3rd character’s cards gets recycled a lot more than the Hunter or Warrior. I just can’t rely on them as much but they are useful situationally for me.

Thanks guys. Gave me some ideas to chew on tonight. I definitely find the Warlord dead weight as well, but some people swear by them. more research required I guess =)

I like the Elemental / Warlord / Assassin combo. Assassin does most of the damage most of the time, the other two can both do some tanking as well as switch in to heavier magic or melee damage mixes for specific encounters. (I have played almost exclusively on hard from day 1, and I’m probably done for a while at this point, after 30+ hours and no regrets.)

Is there a way to customize your starting deck once you unlock cards, or is it always the same?

I am not as good as most of you (I finally finished all of the main quests last night), but I mostly run Warrior / Assassin / Witch. Assassin does a ton of damage, the power that lets another character get sneak when the assassin does powers up the warrior nicely, and Dominate is one of the best things you can do in a boss encounter for 1 willpower.

Not really, though you can change each character’s starting weapon which changes one of their cards.

Is there any way to tell how difficult a side quest is going to be? Most times they’re trivial or at worst manageable, but I just had a very successful God Hunt run stopped cold by a side quest that was preposterously overpowered relative to everything else I’d fought including all the bosses - it was just a massive, heavily armored hybrid group that stomped me flat.

Some encounters have an exclamation point or something, but I don’t recall being able to tell for a side quest.

Yeah, I certainly didn’t see anything that indicated a problem. I don’t think it even said “hard battle” which can be a tipoff. That’s two cases of getting screwed by the RNG in the same run - it puts me off a bit.

I’ve played a lot of games in this and don’t recall feeling I was thrown an unfair encounter (not saying you haven’t). I think there was an encounter I did before I knew what the exclamation point was, or maybe they added the exclamation point later, where I hit the giant worm thing and it wrecked me and killed an otherwise successful run. But that I think was just an encounter on the map and not a side quest.

Wait, do you mean the exclamation point on the map? Isn’t that just “sidequest ends here?” Or… oh hell, did I actually voluntarily walk into a hard encounter that didn’t relate? Because doesn’t the “side quest” marker just turn vertical when you get there, like the main quest map? Dammit, this is what I get for playing at 1 am, but yeah, I think I mistook the exclamation point for the quest marker.

Well, that at least restores some confidence in the fairness of the game. I just hadn’t run into that before. Thanks.

I am on day 23 of my first Endless Run and at the point of having a team with almost full decks of upgraded cards and blue, purple or legendary equipment loadouts. So far, so excellent, and yet . . .

I am wondering, what is it that causes endless runs to end? At present I am just completing quest legs as quickly as possible, which means going from boss fight to boss fight as quickly as possible too. If I cared about end-scoring, would I be better off taking on as many other battles as possible? Is it time passed that drives up difficulty, or is it quest legs completed, or both, or something else?

Also wondering whether I can kill all the different types of dragon before I fail . . . . :-)

Sounds like a great run! I don’t know the answer to either question. I did the same as you eventually, just trying to the next boss. I’ve seen both better and worse scores with a greater amount of days.

Lao Tzu ova heah

Huh, well I found an answer pretty quick after beginning play today. The answer is “two Green dragons that dissolve your heroes into bubbling puddles of acid within a few short turns of battle”

There may be other answers . . .