Trials Rising - Physics vs bikes

The free open beta is on now. Install and play in Uplay.

Also playable on consoles. Looks good so far. The Russian track is pretty neat, if a bit quick.

Yeah, it’s improved a lot since the closed beta which was a buggy piece of shit. I like the locales, but I’m not sure about the world map. What was great about the older Trials was that you could easily go through the beginner, easy, etc. levels, but here you have to scroll through the map to find them (and it’s not easily recognized in what order they are).

Yeah I share the concern.
This feels exactly like the very first Trial, nothing new, excepting bloat I don’t care about in the form of cosmetic rewards, loot boxes and useless extra navigation. Pass.

Cosmetics are fine, but the loot boxes are gross. I remember Trials HD being $10 and the DLCs $5 a piece, which was a crazy good value for money deals. But this is a crystal clear case of being “Ubisofted”. Yuck.

To be fair, with each game that’s gotten a lot more elaborate in terms of the art budget and graphics. $40 for a Trials HD-sized experience today with all these fancy beautiful worlds doesn’t seem unreasonable. I don’t really know much about the DLC pricing and stuff and loot boxes.

I can’t agree. It really feels like the same game as the first two ones, and it’s not like it’s spectacular — the music is the same boring, supposedly edgy stuff, the decor are still mostly washed out muddy blech, there is no sight of an intriguing interaction with other players.
For a series I hadn’t revisited in 10 years and that I was anxious to play again, it felt surprisingly dated.

I agree that the map bit is just added bloat. Easy categories like the other games would be much better. Made cranking through those Extreme tracks feel special as you could progress one by one and feel like you accomplished something. Now it’ll just be randomly spread across the globe.

I’d pay the full price for a bunch of great vetted tracks and some new mechanisms though. Maybe there’s still time to fix up whatever’s lacking.

Recommended by Eurogamer.

I have never played a Trials game until recently and barely knew of the series’ existence. On a whim I downloaded Trials Fusion on my Xbox last week. I somehow had access to the game (Game Pass?).

My son and I had a blast with it. It’s been a while since I have played a game that had an intoxicating mix of addictive gameplay and controller smashing difficulty. My son loves the wacky aesthetic of Fusion (a cat riding a Unicorn holding a gun) and the over-the-top physics involved. It is rare that he wants to revisit a game after our initial goofing around period and he has been asking me to play more Trials.

Based on our experience I am now considering picking up Rising and we played a little of the beta this weekend. That was nice but I do share others concerns about the levels being spread out on a map. My son grokked the sequencing of levels in Fusion (very well presented) but kind of lost the thread with Rising’s world map.

I rarely play skill-based games of this nature due to frustration but this (Fusion at least) really hit a sweet spot for my household. I am now watching closely the reception of Rising.

I think one or more have been given away through GwG too - I own several Trials games and I don’t remember buying any. Well, maybe the first one.

I tried the open beta and I think that, like Dark Souls, it’s a thing that just about everybody likes but bounces right off me. And for pretty much the same reason too, I’m not really into that whole “keep trying til you get good” loop.

It takes a certain kind of masochism to keep throwing yourself at the same track over & over until you hit that sweet spot where everything just flows like wine. Worth it though! Looking forward to tackling whatever Extreme tracks they’ve conjured up for this one.

I don’t think I would have ever gotten past if it wasn’t for Qt3 Xbox Live Parties, with you guys helping me along each step in the extreme tracks. It really helped to have vocal coaches telling you what to do in each step.

Those were fun times - Trials HD will likely always be my favorite because of our group competing against each other’s times.

Seeing the GB QL and reading some reviews, I caved and pre-ordered it. The tracks I played were great after all.

Nobody else picked this up? It’s actually pretty good, but my friends leaderboards are still barren.

Two things bug me though: my region is set to US and I have no idea how to change it to Norwegian (my Xbox profile is set to Norway); and multiplayer seems to be the standard tracks only with no 4-8 player stadium races (which are the most fun), or at least there’s no option to pick a mode.

I picked it up on PS4 and played about 10 tracks or so. Having a lot of fun so far & enjoying the effects they’ve added for tracks like Hollywood and Russia.

Apparently, leaderboards are crossplatform now, but I wonder if there is a generic friends system as well, maybe through Uplay (because you have to link your console account to Uplay). Can you add me there just to test it, @rowe33 (my nick on Uplay is also Brakara) ?

I got it on Xbox. Not seeing anyone in my leaderboards either.

Oh cool, I’ll try it tonight. Should be rowe33 or rowearear on Uplay.