Tribes: Ascend descends after flying high for about a year

Title Tribes: Ascend descends after flying high for about a year
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 19, 2013

The news that Tribes: Ascend would get no substantial updates for the next six months, while Hi-Rez Studios moved on to support development of other projects, came as something of a shock to fans of the free-to-play game on the official forums..

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and i have yet to play it.

Having never played Tribes: Ascend, thought that screenshot was from a Halo game. The "inspiration" there is a bit... much.

(I know the original Tribes is even older than Halo as I played it a bunch back in the day, but I'm not talking about the fact that they have similar settings and such, but the graphical designs of the weapon and HUD UIs are ridiculously Halo-esque.)

This was a really fun game for a little while. Brought back my memories of Tribes 1 - which in my mind is the greatest multiplayer game of all time.

TA was quickly ruined when the spray and pray auto's were introduced. The graceful spinfuser duels quickly became a thing of the past... that is about when I gave up.

I'm always amazed that no one has been able to come up with the right recipe to reinvigorate the Tribes franchise.