Tribes Ascend video

Video from the F2P Tribes game. What Tribes game, you may ask. This one

Cam video

From some guy who have played it in Quakecon:

-There are two different spinfusors, a light, quicker reloading spinfusor, and the regular spinfusor we all know. The regular spinfusor takes much longer to reload per shot, you can really notice it as you want to left click on your enemy before he gets to fly again and you’re watching the reloading animation.

-The voice command list from previous Tribes returns, including VGS for shazbot. Spamming woohoo and shazbot will be popular. Not sure if there are different voices, but I liked the one they had.

-You regenerate health after you do not get hit for a while, giving you a green glow. Carrying flag prevents health regeneration.

-Each class loadout have their own name and their set of weapons. Some new weapons I noticed was a 3 shot sticky grenade launcher that shoots in a straight line. It sticks to whatever it hits and hurts pretty hard when it explodes. I talked with staff and they said you can earn them through playing matches or paying for it, which will be around $4. There was also a pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle…there is the annoying chaingun, but only the heavy class can equip it. It’s a really strong chaingun though. There are also the green mortars. You can also do a melee attack with a sword. Thankfully, when you attack near someone, you will not lock on a la Call of Duty. It’s just a straightforward sword swipe. Took me maybe 3 or so swipes to kill a heavy.

-Whenever you do things that earn you credits (kills, scoring by bringing the enemy flag to your base, destroying generators), there’s a little circle with an icon that shows up. I thought that was a nice touch. They had one for a lot of things, including first blood, killing spree, melee kills, roadkilling with vehicles, picking up enemy flag, destroying generators…Speaking of killing sprees, I got to 30 kills which gave me “You are on a Tribal Assault” or something, pretty cool. As of now, you can use those credits to get a gravcycle, strike, or a tank in the vehicle inventory.

-The microtransaction will apply to buying more loadouts and skins.

-People who attend will be given a chance to get into the closed beta. Only 5 keys will be given away. :\

-The sun looks really nice. So does the Shrike, I really love the way the engine moves when you use the thrusters

-The meters on the side are there to show you how fast you are skiing.

Seriously, does the gun need to take up THAT much space?

Color me excited. I was worried about this sucking majorly but judging from that video it looks like they nailed it. Same key commands for voices and the skiing is just perfect compared to the grappling hook garbage they used in Tribes Vengeance. Gawd, I’d cream myself if they ported over the voices from T1 and T2.

Doesn’t look like we’ll have BioDerms in this one which is a shame since humans taste like chicken.

I’d be more confident about this if it had a different developer.

I’d be more confident about this if it wasn’t Tribes. I hope it turns out well, though.

I don’t know about the developer, but the video shows something both fun, and faithful.

I’d be more confident if it was darker and grimmer.

Wait, wrong thread.

The videos and shots so far look good. They may have pulled off the amazing trick of recapturing that fundamental Tribes gameplay. Hardcore Tribes players will hate it, of course.

I’d be more confident if it wasn’t F2P.

PS: This thread is like the Qt3 poster child.

I found Global Agenda to have some decent gameplay design.

The graphic design is generic and the “hub” and leveling components are woefully incomplete, but it’s fun to play.

I’d be more confident if you could fully customize your class… but I guess that’d go against their payment model (looks like you buy classes).

Voice commands yay!
Vehicles meh. Never cared for them.
Where’s the Deployables?
Only two weapons per loadout? Guess that’s standard nowadays, but harumph.
What are the packs?

It’s free to play (and free to ignore if I end up not liking it), so I can’t grump about this too much.

well something has to have a high quality texture on the screen… :p

I’d be more confident if it had more AA. (via)

Looks great. Seems like it’s pretty much a remake of the best parts of Tribes 1 and 2. Still, I’m not sure if I’m too old now to enjoy this type of game. I absolutely loved the original Tribes.

Skiing looks even easier than Tribes 2 made it. It looks like you just hold a button and keep perfect momentum on any flat surface.


It looks a lot like Section 8 to me. (I’m pretty sure I heard someone groan as I typed that, though at least i’m not saying they copied Section 8 …)

How are they doing the microtransactions?

You’re talking about holding a button vs repeatedly tapping a button. I don’t think there’s a world of difference in difficulty between the two. Especially since people ended up using the mod that automated the tapping anyway.

The scene in the vid where you ski jump over a hill and float down while shooting at the guys below you brought back fond memories of Tribes, I am sold.

Tribes was the only multiplay shooter I really ever liked, I can’t say a reason why, but this looks pretty damn close to the feeling of it. I am a bit excited, even though I am sure I will not be very good at it, I haven’t played a competitive shooter in years.

Yeah, the feel of the skiing looked quite good. Have they mentioned if it’s going to be hold-space to engage skiing, or is it Tribes 1 “Mash the hell out of the spacebar” skiing?

It’s all in the timing. It’s like if they made bunnyhopping in Quakeworld a “hold down the button” thing - it turns it from a skill to just a character ability.