Tribes Vengeance: Electric Boogaloo?


1999 modeling
2000 textures
Unreal lighting
weak effort at grass

singleplayer campaign
multiplayer compromises due to singleplayer campaign
vertically aligned disc?!



[edit]OK, I just realized the above came off as serious. The ‘Seriously though’ below was supposed to delineate my real thoughts.[/edit]

Seriously though.

Tribes 2 looked better. I love the guys at Irrational but I think their strength is more in the singleplayer game arena, not the dedicated hardcore multiplayer team game…

Because as we all know, a single screenshot speaks volumes about how a game plays. :roll:


Good enough for a FiringSquad review! :P

If I hadn’t looked at the name of the poster I would have sworn I was reading a wumpus post. Then again there wern’t any craptacular comments in it.

Can somebody explain to me what the reference to “electric boogaloo” is all about and why it’s funny?

All will become more clear in a month, but consider this: What made you believe DICE could make Battlefield 1942? Or that Epic could make Unreal Tournament? Those turned out okay, despite developers with unproven multiplayer track records.


It was referenced frequently in MST3K.

No need to adjust your television set. The reference isn’t funny the way Jakub uses it. It needs to be in a rhyming couplet.

It’s being done by the makers of System Shock 2 and Freedom Force. That’s enough to make it worth watching, ain’t it?

It was funny precisely because he didn’t use it in a rhyming couplet.

Waaaaazzzuuuuup??? All your base are belong to Electric Boogaloo! Don’t go there – and that’s my final answer.

It is in my book. Frankly, I don’t think that shot looks any worse than shots of Planetside (and somewhat better than recent ones). And I’ve seen nothing to indicate that this…

multiplayer compromises due to singleplayer campaign

…is true. I mean, come on–that’s an awfully tiny amount of info (and one screenshot!) on which to base a condemnation of the whole game.


Electric Boogaloo: for using the Unreal (read: slow, lots of lights) engine.

I expressed worry over the focus on singleplayer and the impact that will have on the multiplayer game. Where did I state that the screenshot is indicative of gameplay?

And sure, it’s made by Irrational. Impossible Creatures was made by Relic. SimCity Online was designed by Will Wright. Civ 3: Play the World was by Firaxis. Unreal 2 was by Legend. Your point is?

DICE had a long time to develop BF1942 without any media scrutiny or fans mixing their fingers into the formula (a bit like Valve and Half-Life 2, no?). Tribes: Vengeance won’t be out for another year and a half at best and is already subjecting itself to bad press (which they rightly deserve for releasing this.)

Finally, that screenshot is completely disappointing. Anyone who says otherwise is lying through his teeth.

I dunno… ignoring a solo campaign didn’t really help Dynamix make the other two Tribes games fun. I though both were a neat concepts but somewhat disappointing in practice. Team multiplayer gaming was in its infancy when Tribes came out, though–there is a lot more to build on now.

I’ll admit that the screenshot ain’t exactly a visual tour-de-force, but that’s been par for the course with all of Irrational’s games. So what?

Are we looking at Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri 2?

It’s just really, really bad marketing. They’re going to catch a lot of unnecessary flak and development is going to suffer for it. The game won’t be out until at least late 2004 according to their own estimates, did they really need to show such an early screenshot, or even announce it so early? What game needs 18 months of marketing?

As a huge Tribes fan, I felt disappointment over the focus on singleplayer (no bot can provide the same competitive experience as a human opponent), the screenshot was underwhelming to say the least and I have concerns about a developer with virtually no multiplayer experience doing a sequel to a franchise based on multiplayer.

Wow, try saying that on TribalWar, probably the biggest forum dedicated to a game franchise ever.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Jakub forgot the end of the equation: “+ Irrational Games = potentially the best Tribes game yet.” But that’s to be expected at Qt3; most of us are just fucking cynics :roll:

Wow, try saying that on TribalWar, probably the biggest forum dedicated to a game franchise ever.[/quote]

Heh, no kidding. Poor Irrational has just exposed themselves to the largest snake’s nest of picky-asshole fanboyism this side of the Fallout franchise. And they’re gonna have to put up with it for at least the next 18 months.