Tried DDO Again

I played Dungeons and Dragons Online in Beta, and then played again during a free trial. I just tried it again today, after a few months of not having thought about the game, and I still come to the same coclusion…
Despite the fact that dungeons have the occasional fun element to them, the game is…lacking something. I can’t even say what “it” is (besides the fact that you are confined to a city).
I still can’t stand the idea as well, that everyone in Stormreach has a football-field sized dungeon in their basement. It makes me crazy.
Has anyone played this game and gotten any enjoyment out of it?

It’s a lot of fun, for about a week. After which you’ve quite thoroughly exhausted the entertainment value.

They should have made it as a single-player game with optional-but-highly-recommended peer-to-peer multiplayer. The gameplay they actually built would’ve been perfect for that.

Unfortunately the “fantasy money” you can put as “potential revenue” from an MMO model is probably infinitely higher than that of a single player title. So the failure gets funded while the success might not…

I like it and still play, every Thursday night for 2-3 hours. Been playing for over 6 months and my character is almost 7th level now. So, as you can see, I am a very casual player. I think it’s good for people like me, who play with a set group every week. It’s clearly not for everyone. I’ve played a little of Vanguard and that game has more of a sense of a cool world to explore. DDO doesn’t have that at all; it’s all about the tactics of defeating a dungeon. I like how you can’t rest anywhere - you have to rest at the rest shrines and you can only rest once. It makes choices more interesting and dungeons sometimes challenging to get through.