Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (2.5d returns!)

Is Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince gonna hook up with Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess?

I should hope not! This ain’t Game of Thrones! And what would their father think?

I don’t know about the third game, but the first two are quite magical.

I got Trine 2 for my boys around the time it came out, and they quickly fell in love with it. One time I was having dinner with my then 9-year old, randomly chatting about whatever, when suddenly he froze mid-sentence and just sat still for a few seconds, eyes staring intensely past me. “What’s up, buddy?” I asked, and he looked at me straight and blurted out “I KNOW HOW TO GET THROUGH!” before jumping off the chair and darting to his room. Apparently one of the game’s many physical puzzles had got him stumped for a couple of days, and the solution came to him randomly during dinner.

Money well spent, that.

The first two were pretty good. The third lost any magic that those had.

1 and 2 were great, and of course I played both co-op all the way through. I read nothing good about 3, so we avoided it. I am open to looking at 4 though.

Looks like they’re releasing a bundle with all the games together as well, which is cool because 1 and 3 were never on Xbox before.


It’s gotta be better than 3.

I hate to say it–and hope I’m wrong–but it really seems like there’s been a brain drain at Frozenbyte. Trine 1&2 were so exquisitely dialed in to emphasize their strengths, like the lush environments and clever puzzles. Even going back to 2D, there’s so much here that seems merely average. If your story and your cinematics are average, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing them. The first two games proved you didn’t need them.

What is wrong with the game? The graphics look nice! (I don’t have patience for action/platformers anymore tho.)

I thought Trine 3 was perfectly serviceable and a good followup to the previous two games. Apparently, I’m the only one? Enjoyed playing it co-op with my wife, as with the others in this series, so I pre-ordered Trine 4 the moment I could (on GOG).

These games are very accessible. Not to say there aren’t any challenging bits, but for the most part it’s a smooth ride. It focuses more on puzzles and Lost Vikings-style problem-solving.

I might be being unfair, because my comments were mostly based off the cinematics from that trailer. Looking at gameplay screenshots, the backgrounds look as good as ever. So maybe I just don’t think they should get so close to their characters…

I heard it was short, the story incomplete like they either didn’t have time to finish it or planned for more. so we passed. Had there been more and the complaints therefore addressed, we probably would’ve picked up the “complete” version; that just never took place.

I honestly thought it was fine. I didn’t pay much attention to the story, but I don’t think at the end we were like, “That was it?” The plots in these games tend to be secondary to gameplay anyway. It was shorter than the other games and the depth didn’t add much to the game (ironically enough), but if you liked Trine 1 and 2 I don’t think there’s much of a reason not to go for Trine 3. It’s mostly more of the same, with some interesting/more difficult boss battles.

Well whether it felt like they ran out of money and just released it was a good analysis of the game or not, I am happy they are releasing 4 even if I think that this stopped image on their trailer:


Is not doing them any favors.

This is out in 3 days!

Eurogamer recommends it.

It’s a nice contrast on their front page to the “Avoid” rating they just gave the latest Ghost Recon game.

I wishlisted the Trine complete pack. See you at Christmas.

That sure is pretty.