Trion Raises Another $70m

Trion has raised another $70m, bringing their total raised so far to $100m.

I am frankly stunned at their ability to raise so much money. Anyone have any idea what they are up to?

Server-based game publisher and developer Trion World Network closed a $70 million Series C funding round co-led by Act II Capital and previous investors, including Trinity Ventures, DCM, Time Warner, Rustic Canyon, and Peacock Equity.

This latest round of funding brings the company’s total capital raised since its inception to $100 million. Trion was founded in 2006 by former Electronic Arts veteran Lars Buttler and Might and Magic series creator Jon Van Caneghem, and has established offices in Redwood City, San Diego, and Austin.

Delivering what Trion calls “server-based games,” which will be compatible with broadband-enabled PCs and PlayStation 3 systems, the company’s Trion Platform will provide users with a client that handles I/O and rendering, while dynamic content is stored on servers and fed to the clients as needed.

Trion’s games will initially be delivered via download, retail, and other distribution methods. Different “channels,” which are essentially different game titles, will be maintained on Trion’s server, and deliver that dynamic content to users depending on which “channel” they engage with.

The company has so far announced two titles currently in development and set to be published by Trion in North America and Europe – a fantasy MMORPG helmed by chief creative officer Canegham and an MMO co-developed in partnership with NBC Universal’s Sci-Fi Channel.

Buttler, who serves as Trion’s CEO, says that this latest funding represents a continued vote of confidence in the company’s technology and approach to interactive entertainment. He added, “This signifies a shift away from static retail products and towards games as dynamic services, which will be simulated increasingly ‘in the cloud.’”

Jon Van Caneghem? Oh wow, I’d wondered what happened to him after NWC shut down. Hopefully his latest game won’t pull a Lord British…

They’ve been doing a lot of hiring recently too… quite a few ex-NCsoft engineers ended up there. They haven’t talked about their MMOs in development yet but they’ve been working on them for at least a year or so.

Interview at Massively.

Best “question”:

So not only are you trying to break in a new IP, and not only are you going to partner with a TV show, but you also want to do a console thing. That’s like saying “I’m going to jump through this hoop, but it’s also going to be on fire, and it’s going to be over a pit of sharks.”

Dune MMO or no…? No…? Boo.

If Von Car- Von C- If that NWC guy hired any actual NWC designers to work for him, that would be pretty cool…

Haha, from the interview:

I was kind of expecting to see “… who I have seen naked!” following that little remark.