Triumph of the Jeopardy! Nerd

Have you guys been keeping up with this? There’s a Jeopardy! contestant who has won 29 times in a row and is one the verge of $1 million.

And where’s he from? Seattle. Yu-huh!

I’m semi-decent at Jeopardy (I used to be pretty darn good when I watched the show religiously and devoted more CPU cycles in my head toward useless trivia). But I haven’t watched the show for ages. Apparently, I’ve been missing out. This guy’s becomming a national icon.

Yeah, I’ve been watching him since his 3rd or 4th win. He’s scary smart. Not only that, but he seems to have a TON of crystalized knowledge. Apparently this was the first season they did away with the “three (or was it five?) wins and you retire” rule and he’s run amok as a result. I doubt the Jeopardy folks care, though. They’re getting a lot of publicity out of it and I’ll be their ratings are up.

Personally, I hope he just keeps winning.

I saw him on win number 6 and he is freaking amazing.

Hah. Just watch. In a few months, he’ll become annoying to the American public, and they’ll find a clean-cut, All American college professor to take his place.

Yeah, that’s right. This guy’s the new Herbert Stempel.

Really? All the articles I’ve read say he’s from Utah.


Really? All the articles I’ve read say he’s from Utah.[/quote]

He lives in Utah. Post article cites him as a Seattle native, though.

He’s a Mormon, so he probably has ties to Utah. Given that Mormon’s don’t drink, it was funny watching him get almost every answer right on the category about Wine and Spirits. My guess is that he went out one night after a show, picked up a bartender’s guide, and read through it.

Almost every answer? I thought he nailed the whole category.

From that article:

He’s also got a willingness to study. A teetotaler, Jennings read up on alcoholic drinks in anticipation of the “potent potables” category that can, and did, come up. He’s easily handled it.

To be fair, Mormons are given the option to drink alcohol or not. Those who choose not to drink believe that they will gain blessings of health and well-being.

Thats funny, I’ve been a Mormon all my life. To be considered in “good standing” with the church you aren’t allowed to drink any type of alcohol.

I don’t think I said anything contrary to that, Elder Johnsen. It’s all about free agency, right?

Really? All your life? So you’re dead now?


Apparently, he added another $52K today. Total around $972K. Jeezus.

I thought they retired you after 5 wins, until the Tournament of Champions?

That is the rule they changed a while back that is allowing his run. They did away with it, you keep coming back until you lose.


So has it ever happened that only one person with a positive balance was around going into final Jeopardy? It’s almost happened a couple of times with this guy, but one of the other two managed to pull up out of the hole just in time. What would happen if they didn’t?

If he’s only bet one more dollar tonight he would have set a record! They shoot like 5 episodes a day, don’t they? Almost a million ain’t bad for 6 days of work. Now that he has so much practice with the clicker, no one seems to have a prayer. Tonight’s 2nd a 3rd places took $300 and $100 respectively. That’s just embarrassing.

There’s a rumor on the net that spoiler

tonight was his last win. It should be interesting to see what happens tomarrow night. Though I wonder if he won’t just withdraw himself from competition at some point.

I’ve been watching this for the past few days, and this guy’s not just winning – he’s destroying opponents. At one point tonight, he had, like, 17K and the other two were struggling to remain in the black. I haven’t seen anyone even come close to beating him. It’s pretty wild.

There’s abosolutely no logic to this, but I’m guessing he’ll have to survive a few close calls before getting knocked out, unless he does something crazy like get greedy with a Daily Double or Final Jeopardy.

I think he’d just have to compete for himself, to see how much money he can win.