TROGDOR! The Burninator

My new favorite flash game of the minute:

From the instructions:

Use the arrow keys to control Trogdor.

Stomp 10 peasants to achieve Burnination.

Burn all cottages to progress to the next level.

Avoid knights and archers!

Avoiding those knights it tricky, thanks to a very sensitive collision detection engine. Sworded! There’s a lot of strategy in the game too, like burning the peasants and allowing their flaming bodies to run off and burn that last elusive cottage. Great stuff.


And, yet, you complain about the complexity of prose in A Song of Ice and Fire.



Come on, George R.R. Martin is a hack compared to whoever wrote this thing. “BURNINATION!”, “ARROWED!” and “SWORDED” are all potential Something-Awful-esque clever gaming catch phrases right there. I love this game… how many “mans” do I have left? How many peasants until I achieve burnination? “burn em, dan!”

Anyone know if this was ever really an arcade game, or if this is just a clever (and fun) parody? I’d love to download this for PocketMAME.

And why the heck does Trogdor have a solitary, completely-ripped human forearm coming out of the middle of his body? He’s like Smaug meets Jason Hall after a horrible grazing accident.

Jesus people, doesn’t anybody watch Strong bad anymore?


Also - for the intro to the game which isn’t included in the link Crypt posted:

Trogdor Intro


To answer question in thread - no it’s not a arcade game, it’s a expansion on the Homestarrunner Universe. For a full list of Strong Bad Emails go here - there’s a lot, but I’d suggest starting at the beginning.

It just gets better and better.

On level 7, there’s a secret house filled with gold bags that you can enter to ratchet up your point count. It is the last hut behind the rest. You can enter it after you burninate the huts blocking you. Haven’t encountered this on any other level, though.

Oh. My. God. Thanks for that, Doc. And thanks for that link, Guido. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Amazing that people haven’t discovered Strong Bad yet. Sheesh!

Really. I don’t know how any of you survived without understanding the Transitive Butt Property. Actually, it explains a lot…

Ditto. I want to watch more, but I’m afraid of making a spectacle of myself at work! :lol:

Make sure you watch the “Techno” email. Damn funny.


If you are new to Strong Bad emails, be sure to move the mouse around the screen to find the easter eggs. Watch for the cursor to turn into a little pointing hand. For instance, in that Techno email, you can click on the light switch to see the flyer for The Cheat’s Lightswitch Rave (with DJ The Stick).

Best easter egg ever is at the end of “50 emails.” Click on the candles. I’ll give you What’s For!

Here’s a complete (?) list of the Easter Eggs if you are lazy.

I smell Oscar.

Yeah, that rules. heh. My favorite part is the “Children!!!”

Most of the holiday features are pretty funny, too.

“It’s time to play, Flashlight telling scary ghost stories with a flashlight!!”

A late Christmas gift suggestion. Awe your friends with the consumate Vs!

In addition to the cut of your jib, I likes the sound of your town.