Tron 2.0 - Hoppin' About the Routing Oculus

Okay, so I bought Tron 2.0.

It’s pretty - VERY pretty. Game is hard as hell, though, so I spend some time mastering blocking (not very tough once you get the hang of it, although those flying things are stupid cheap and it takes me forever to find where they’re hitting me from).

Now, I’m actually PISSED. I’m in the Routing Oculus, and I hafta align four lenses. Trouble is, there’s a bunch of floating platforms that are too far to reach with my shitty first-person jumping skills. I have y-Amp at Gold and equipped, but I still can’t reach the platforms I need to.

What the hell am I supposed to do here?

There really should be a law against jumping from the first-person in games. At least Metroid Prime gave you a margin of error for your leaps.

Screw you, Monolith, and your sexy sexy game. This game has some really great level design, and the RPG bits are rock-solid, but AUGH the artificial difficulty and the jumping puzzles are a slap in the face.

I just finished that part.


When you turn the bits on or off, the pattern of the platforms changes. To reach them all, you have to flip the third, fourth, second, then first. At least, I think the first is last. I know the third is first.

Yuppers. See the above; it’s really not terribly hard. All the lenses must be in the down position. You’ll note that every time you switch one around it shows you the master display for 'em and that the ones in the right position are highlighted yellow; it’s just a matter of doing 'me in the right order as listed above to allow you to easily jump to each particular control panel thing.

The few jumping puzzles have been annoying as FUCK, but they haven’t detracted overmuch from the game as a whole for me. It’s stylish as all get out, the RPG shit is really interesting and not just a slapdash thing… wondering about whether to sacrifice two gold upgrades to squeeze in one very useful beta level app is kinda cool. The story’s neat enough.

I’m on the first “Security” level right now though and Christ is it a bitch so far.

Sorry dude, that is one of the three jumping puzzles I mentioned in the previous thread about Tron 2.0. All I can say is you have to get to the last couple to switch their positions, so there is no way I am aware of to get around it. A flying (no clipping) cheat would be nice if there is one.

That’s the area in the game where my save title includes “FUCKING JUMPING PUZZLES”. It would be a cool puzzle if the gaps were obviously not crossable so that you have to figure out a pattern for turning bits on and off so that you could walk between them. But apparently some designer still thinks instant death is still “fun” in a section of game with no enemies.

Emphasis mine – so would you prefer to have enemies come out of nowhere just as you’re jumping across a chasm? (See: NES Ninja Gaiden, one of the few games to make me actually throw my controller across the room in disgust.)

The worst kind of jumping puzzles, to me, are the ones where you feel external pressure to do it perfectly (i.e. enemies, time pressure, etc.). If there’s no rush, then I don’t mind them too much.

No I prefer that if a designer has a cool puzzle idea, why have any antagonists, enemies or otherwise? It’s like they had this good idea for an in-game puzzle but had to fulfill the NEED to put death right there. Why?

How about that scene in Jedi Outcast where you’re jumping along the ledges while the stormtroopers way above are launching missiles at you? I’ve never found any jumping puzzle as hard as this one. I’d complete jumps and dodge the missiles, but the concussion from even the distant blasts would knock me to my death again and again. Gave up and cheated my way through it after about two hours of this nonsense.

Alright, another question for the pros:

I’ve just overclocked the old TRON server, and am escaping the secondary relay stations. I hafta recharge a missing bit to cross a chasm to escape.

However, when I try to transfer energy to the bit, nothing happens. A little blue line appears on my energy meter indicating the 15 units it’ll take, and the bar changes color, but no energy is transferred into the bit. Bug, or am I missing something?

Use the force!
You’re not supposed to dodge the missiles. You’re supposed to use Force Push on them, sending them back to their original owner.
After that you complete the jumping to safety in your own pace.

…and I hate to mention it, fellas, but Tron 2.0 does have at least one “jumping puzzle under fire” section as well.

I’m still liking the game quite a bit, but I am getting frustrated with its “cheapness” factor. The aforementioned floaty thingies are very cheap – they’re essentially hover snipers that never miss. The tanks are cheap, too – in fact, the pure random cheap goodness of the “read-only” tank section is startlingly bad (followed by the “surrounded by resource hog section”, but I digress.) Oh yeah – and that first boss. Talk about FROM OUT OF FRICKING NOWHERE, and no clues on how to beat it as well.

Some review out there accurately dubbed Tron as NOLF2 with a new wrapper – pretty close to the point, but NOLF2 was never as cheap as Tron.


You can do that? Crap, played Outcast twice and never thought of that!! :?

I toggled them in this order: 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1 (I un-aligned the 1 and 4 lenses to set the the platforms so I could reach lens 3.)

Interestingly, I haven’t been as bothered by the Tron jumping puzzles as I usually am, since most are either optional or short. To contrast, Jedi Outcast’s jumping puzzles were neither. Yeah, you’re supposed to force push the missiles, which is easier said than done. You ever try to target multiple small projectiles head on? Reminds me of those infernal “shoot down the bomb/missile” missions from insert name of space combat game here.

I’m also slightly annoyed by Tron’s broken narrative – it doesn’t flow all that well. I mean where did the first boss come from? You’re just sort of unceremoniously dumped there. It’s like they built all of the levels separately. Maybe I’m not far enough into the storyline yet, but the story still doesn’t quite seem coherent yet.

Of course, the saving grace is that the art is gorgeous, and the game, for all its flaws, just oozes with style.

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I didn’t like jumping puzzles in Jedi Outcast either. I don’t like it when timing a jump is key to “solving a puzzle”. I don’t really like it when there is a puzzle which requires careful jumps to navigate it. Give me a puzzle or give me a jump. Not a jumping puzzle.

You must go up to the bit, and hit “use” on it just like you would when getting something from an archive box or charging your health. When you do so, a curved bar will appear near the bit kind of like a targetting sight and will “fill up” ith energy you transfer to it. Once the bar fills up (I assume this is what you meant when you said it changes color) the bit should basically jump to life and fly to its socket. You should also have the 10 or 15 energy it needs before you start charging it also, just like an archive box.

If this does not happen, I’m thinking a bug.

It doesn’t happen. I hit use, the blue line on the bar showing the amount of energy to be removed appears, the bar changes color (I have full Energy), but the curved bar doesn’t fill.


I’m at the same point in the game and the same thing is happening to me. :/ Rather frustrating. Question: Have you applied the patch? If so did you complete the Lightcycle races or did you skip them? I have the patch applied and skipped the races and I am wondering if that is what’s causing the problem. I’m going to go back and play through, winning the races, and see what happens. If, that’s not it I’m going to be pissed off that I can’t get any further into the game.

Vaporite Solo

I have the patch applied, and I skipped the second set of races. I also used mpmaphole to skip the sniping tower bit of the game, which really aggravated me.

I went back and raced the set of races right before that set of the game and I could upload energy to the bit just fine. Must be a bug in the patch. So either Lightcycle race, wait for another patch, or put your Tron 2.0 disc out as a coaster. :/

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Guess I’ll just mpmaphole past that section. Curses!

Sorry dudes, I played through first weekend and didn’t use the patch. No help for ya there. :( Perhaps it is a boo-boo in the patch.

Ditto. I didn’t use the patch either. I didn’t encounter any bugs.