Tron 2.0 - Hoppin' About the Routing Oculus

I’m using the patch, and haven’t encountered problems. Then again, I’m doing all the of the light-cycle stuff, although I have been very tempted to skip those sequences on several occasions.

  • Alan

Are people really having that much trouble with the lightcycles? Just like the arcade game’s lightcycles, just build yourself a big box to hide in, drive slowly, and wait for the AI to kill itself.

I think they’re trying to win by actually driving the opponents into their jet walls instead of letting the AI kill itself.

It’s tough if you play it the “right way” but you can do it eventually :P (The power ups help a ton here, Shield, Tail Spike, and Missles make killing opponents very easy if you use them right)

The problem is that in Tron 2.0, the light cycles have a finite wall length. In the arcade game, your whole wall stayed up completely until you derezzed, whereas in this game once it reaches a certain length it starts vanishing behind you. I don’t know if this was a gameplay design decision or a graphics engine design decision.

In some of the non-story light cycle battles (which you can play from the main menu) the hardest part about them is that your wall is only maybe three times as long as the body of your car and you have to pick up wall-extender power-ups. There’s also a setting for multiplayer where you can pick the “wall length” you want when setting up a server, like any other kind of map option.

A good power-up strategy is to get the “sheild break” power-up and activate it right away. Your nose will go rainbow and you will be able to pick up another power-up, essentially giving you two at a time. I <3 the wall spike!

The Seeker is mentioned in one of the “video archives” just prior to that level, with the three fCon employees heading into the elevator.

The problem isn’t as much a disjointed storyline as one that may seem that way if you don’t collect every email and video archive, as well as catch all the little references thrown at you by other characters.

That’s not what I meant. I DID collect every single email and video archive (and subroutine and permission and optimizer and build note 100/100 – like a good little min-max game player). I mean the narrative just drops you into situations with nary a segue. Sure, the storyline requires that you go to location X in search of widget Y, but then you just show up there instantaneously. I mean, all they had to do was show a visual of you rezzing into the new level, or even just an in-transit picture during the level-loading screen, and I would have been perfectly happy.

Maybe I’m just bothered that some of the transitions were well explained, but other ones weren’t. In particular, the boss fights and later light-cycle sequences seem contrived and out of place. I know they mentioned the Seeker during the “real-world” cutscene, but they could have shown a graphic of it on screen during the aforementioned fCon cutscene, or had more NPC programs mention it (instead of the just the single NPC conversation reference), etc. Plus, they do a bad job of explaning why you enter the abandoned game grid in the first place. Are you waylaid or something? I mean, all other travel is point-to-point.

Plus the game gives you these generic bad guys with only a shallow backstory (single page HR files about the bad guys just don’t cut it), and then there’s no tension/bonding between Alan and Jet (again, the email messages don’t cut it), etc. I guess the email/text-files don’t work because there’s no arc.

I mean, the game is great and chock full of atmosphere, but it’s like they made all these great levels and cool weapons and nice character models, and then just stitched them all together at the end.

  • Alan

… and in doing so are staying pretty true to the original movie. ;)

… and in doing so are staying pretty true to the original movie.

ROGER THAT :D Good point.

Okay, so while replaying sections of the game to grab screenshots, I discovered that during my original run through the game, I had accidentally cancelled out from the cutscene right before the first boss fight. Well, that pretty much explains why I was confused… :shock:

  • Alan

There are a few spots where some additional cut scenes would have made the transitions a bit smoother.

Of course, they missed a great potential cut scene when Jet retrieves the TRON legacy code, in that I fully expected them to show him standing below it, reaching up like TRON did in the original movie for his disc in the I/O stream, and have the techno score melt into a dramatic rendering of the original score as the code lowered into Jet’s hands.

… but hey, that’s just me. :o

Slightly OT but has anyone else noticed that AA doesn’t seem to be applied to your arm and weapon equipped? Weird.

Ditto. I didn’t use the patch either. I didn’t encounter any bugs.[/quote]

Im glad I read this first.