Tron 2.0 - is Lithtech the best?

I was thinking after getting sort of bored with Splinter Cell and a few days back with Solid Snake Xbox movie game that Nolf2 probably has the best stealth to action gameplay for an fps. Imo its better than either of em, and its not as slow as Thief…

from this i thought… Tron 2.0 will rock.

It should shouldn’t it?

The recent article in CGM makes it look pretty cool… considering Mr Chick wrote it. But he hated Deus Ex… is he to be trusted?

Should be cool.


Has less to do with Lithtech and more to do with Monolith. Let’s face it, they kick ass.

Nolf2 probably has the best stealth to action gameplay for an fps

Vehemently disagree.


Vehemently disagree.


And can leverage percentiles to prove it!

I guess I should mention here that someone on the EA forums claims the team was sacked after finishing the game. I make no guarantees to its accuracy, though.

Yeah, a Monolith-related rumor on Evil Avatar. I suggest everyone take that to heart. hehe

I’m very excited about Tron 2.0, but I simply cannot agree that NOLF2 was the best stealth/action FPS game ever. NOLF2 is certainly an improvement over NOLF, and has some really cool moments, but it goes limp about midway through, and the ending is weak. C’mon, folks-- supersoldiers? Yeeeeaaahhhh.

You DO realize that NOLF 1 and 2 are tongue in cheek games, right? They are supposed to be ridiculous. They are also both great games; actually, incredible games.

I like the Lithtech2 engine, btw. I think it will work well for Tron in particular because of the types of environments in a game like that. I have always felt the Lithtech engine was a bit TOO geometrical, but that works for Tron.

I don’t like Lithtech.
I like AVP2, NOLF, and NOLF2 but I think they’d be better games using some engine other than Lithtech. There’s something I find floaty and unconvincing about the engine, particularly the physics. I can’t put my finger on it because, well, to be honest I haven’t really given it much thought. All I know is that I’m playing through AvP2 again and I’m just not finding it as scary or convincing as Rebellion’s AvP 1 game. Since AvP2 is a superior game, I’m stuck on the game engine and the feeling that the monsters just don’t look like they have weight and the explosions are just unconvincing.

But, yeah, I agree that Lithtech will probably work for Tron 2.0 because these “problems” will probably enhance that game world. Realistic physics isn’t what you want in Tron, something that feels “real yet slightly off” is better for that game.

oh I meant Monolith. I liked almost all there games… YES even Blood 2 and Shogo. They were well balanced as action games, and they didn’t chince on levels. Actually Nolf2 was the shortest of the Monolith games perhaps? Perhaps… god I hate that word. Perhaps you should think, “TRON 2.0 will rock!”

Get Line of Sight : Vietnam while you wait for your next game btw! :D


That might have more credence if the game was actually finished. It’s shipping in August, not March, and Disney is paying for the extra few months worth of development. (At least this is according to Samantha Ryan of Monolith. Oh, and Jason Hall. And the game’s producer at Disney. And the head of the Disney PC division. Of course they could all be lying.)

It’s possible that certain contracters walked after finishing their parts of the game.

Blood 2 was a great fucking FPS. Any FPS fans who didn’t play it really missed out.

Blood 2 was pretty fun. I never finished it like I did Shogo. Both games kicked ass in multiplayer for their time. Blood 2’s customizable weapons loadout made things very interesting. As for Shogo… well, mecha just has a special place in my heart.

I’m afraid I must strongly disagree with this wellspring of pro-Blood-2 sentiment. It was basically Shogo, with toilet humor that’d probably give Postal 2 a run for its money (yay for feces jokes!), but withOUT enormous transforming robots.

And when comparing the game to its predecessor, the better-looking graphics engine is the ONLY thing B2 has going for it. While they screwed up various other things such as removing the spray-cans-as-flamethrowers, going from making a game that had the creepiest spiders ever to a game where the spiders don’t even react to your presence without a patch, and running the AI through a paper shredder so as to come up with what is definitely the easiest FPS I’ve ever played, I’d still rank the removal of the Blood 1 cultists as one THE worst game design decisions ever made - right up there with System Shock 2’s combination of constantly degrading weapons with constantly regenerating zombies. Who could possibly have thought that corporate suits who scream “YOU’RE DEAD!” are even 1/100,000th as badass as robed lunatics screaming “PESHAY CRUENTO! NAS MOLLACH!”?

Getting back to comparing Blood 2 to Shogo, B2’s was so bad that it was even worse than Shogo’s, which is going some considering that Monolith took some considerable heat for all the problems people had with Shogo’s AI.

I’ll concede that the multiplayer was good and that despite my above complaints, the singleplayer isn’t the WORST GAME EVAR or anything. But that doesn’t counter the argument that there were many better FPS games back when Blood 2 was released. (One of those games being the extremely fun Blood 1, BTW.)

Speaking of LithTech, how new is “Touchdown Entertainment”? redirects there now.

I am in the anti-Blood2 camp too. I played it, but it left me feeling empty. Actually, so did Shogo in some ways, but I had more fun with it because of the theme, I guess. I finished Shogo, and I don’t finish a lot of games. It wasn’t that long though.

blood2 is available on the underdogs site, in case anyone is interested in giving it a try. I was surprised at how well it holds up graphically. I haven’t played blood in a long enough time to compare the two as strongly as some of the above posts, but I am really enjoying playing through blood 2.

“Blood 2 was a great fucking FPS. Any FPS fans who didn’t play it really missed out.”

I’ve finished most FPS games I have started since their linear and usually not too long compared to say a RPG. Blood2 was one of the few FPS I didn’t.

Same company, new name. In fact, they will still use the Lithtech name for the Jupiter engine and such.

Their new “copperhead” engine is kind of neat - it’s all centered around Maya. In fact, you even build levels in Maya, and it handles collision and stuff. It’s centered around console and cross-platform deveopment, though. Copperhead’s PC capabilies are basially “Xbox game on the PC” level.

I spoke to the president, Jeff Hutt (formerly a bigwig at Nintendo), and he said if you were making a AAA PC game starting now, Copperhead’s capabilities would be below what your aim would be…you’d probably go for DX9 or so. If you were making an Xbox, PS2, and PC game, it would be awesome.

Monolith continues to build up Jupiter with their licenses (like all the bump and normal mapping in the Delta Green game), and Matrix Online will use their next engine, a ground-up new thing, called Odyssey. I haven’t seen anything on it yet, but I hear great things.

My personal guess? Valve will get into licensing the engine they’re working on, and it will have so much capability in terms of scripting, AI, physics, and animation that it will be the new “hot” engine.

I’d have to see it before I’d be willing to make a guess like that. Especially in this kindly industry.

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