Tron 2.0 - is Lithtech the best?

Monolith continues to build up Jupiter with their licenses (like all the bump and normal mapping in the Delta Green game),

You mean the cancelled Delta Green game, right?


It’s not quite cancelled Dave. It’s on hold because they couldn’t find a publisher and opted to go with something publishers might find more attractive. I got the impression the studio feels the need to build up their reputation, despite Rails Across America’s quality.

So they’re doing a pirates MMOG instead? They expect a publisher to be excited about paying for a server farm and a support staff to run the game? All we need is for a couple more MMOGs to launch with thuds for publishers to get cold feet about them, if they haven’t already.

They should just finish Delta Green. They could always find a publisher if they have a finished game. Strategy First will publish anything if they don’t have to fund it.

Ahhhh… Delta Green…

Without betraying any corporate confidences, I think I can safely say there were (are?) a number of us here that were (are?) very keen on the project and team. They’re a sharp bunch of guys, and they have all their ducks nicely lined up on this project. It looks great, it’s got a great license and their plan is rock solid. I’d be proud to have my name attached to that game and franchise, and we seriously considered signing it.

So what’s the problem?

Unfortunately, last I saw, it’s a) very expensive and b) likely too risky from a content perspective for any publisher who can afford it.

See, the smaller pubs – who would be willing to take the risk on the content – can’t afford the AAA budget. And the devs are admirably not prepared to sacrifice on that because they’d rather not make the game than make it low-budget just to get it made.

It’s a shame really, because this game should be made. It’d be great if the Flying Lab guys make a bazillion dollars from their pirate game so they can self-fund DG. Or, someone can give me a couple million and I’ll fund it and publish it. :lol:

And Mark, they’re gonna self-publish the pirate game. They’re planning on using Steam to go direct to consumer.


Ok, that makes a bit more sense, especially if they follow the plan of most MMOG publishers and charge the players to play beta code.

I don’t know much about Steam, but they’ll still need a server farm and need to store all the important data server-side, won’t they?

If they’re self-publishing, that probably kills Delta Green for the forseeable future. Just maintaining Burning Seas post-release will take up most of their time.

Something tells me this “Delta Green” probably sucks. The end fact is that nothing that obviously deserves publisher support will find itself without one. That goes for high-budget games, too.

That’s cute. Sort of like a TV show going on indefinite hiatus? :)

Brian, glad to hear your comments on how Delta Green looked. I have nothing but respect for Flying Labs’ creative acumen. However, after Rails Across America, I’d love for those guys to have a hit to put themselves on the map. But a MMORPG? Yikes.

But I’ll be first in line to try it and I certainly wish them luck.


Man, how I wish that were true.

I’m so relieved to hear that someone else enjoyed that game :) I still remember jumping out of my skin when an alien would surprise me, and the sheer dread that I felt as the elevator doors would slowly open.

I was reading through the Tom Chick preview in CGM today (yeah, I know…it’s been out a while now). Anyway, I noticed the blurb about the movie, which suggested all the reasons why the original movie isn’t very good. I disagree completely. Ok, it isn’t high cinema, but I love that movie. And no, I don’t think it is because I like video games. I’m not a fan of The Wizard or Last Starfighter, both movies that feature video games. I just like the movie Tron. Yes, it’s cheezy, but I think that is intentional. Yes, Wendy Carlos’s music sounds like a casio synth, but it is a GREAT score. Yes, the plot is inconsistent at times…so what; most movies have inconsistencies. And yes, they could have gotten deeper into the subject matter, especially with the theology of users and the psychological effects of being in a computer. But for what it is, I think it is a great movie.

The article lists other movies that came out the same year (1982) that were “better” like Star Trek 2 and E.T. Maybe they are better movies (except Blade Runner…I won’t give you that one. I think that is a terrible movie), but that doesn’t make Tron a bad movie. What I did like about that inset though, was the stuff about what Lisberger and crew MEANT to put into the movie. That was really interesting, and it does give me hope that now that our society likes “grittier” entertainment, the next Tron movie will explore some very interesting issues.

Overall, a good read for the preview, but I think the attack on the movie was unwarranted and misleading.

Blade Runner and Tron actually have some similarities. Both have fabulous production design and seriously flawed stories. Still I will take Blade Runner because its fabulous production design out-fabs Tron’s fabulous production design, Harry Ford just slightly trumps Jeff Bridges as protag, and there’s that Philip Dick weirdness going on, which holds up better. (Although the Christ allegory in Tron is nifty.) And despite the incoherencies of the plot, none of the acting in BR is as wooden as in the scenes between Bruce Boxleitner and the female lead. Every time those two actors have to deliver lines, the movie just dies onscreen.

Oh yeah one more difference – visually, Ridley Scott is a way, way, way better director than the hack who directed Tron. Yes Tron looks great in the CGI scenes, and the backdrops always look cool, but the camerawork (except the light cycle scene) is always pedestrian. Scott has a far better eye. It’s not just what’s onscreen but how you film it; the production designer shouldn’t have to carry all the weight.

I agree Wendy Carlos’s score is superb. It is partly because it sounds like a Casio synth that I like it so much… (But then I still listen to old C64 tunes too.)

Not trying to knock you down, Robert – I like Tron a lot myself. But I can’t finally call it a good movie. I call it a failed movie with some very good things in it.

That’s fine. You have given good reasons, and I actually agree with ALL of them. I think Tom gives good reasons for his view too. I just disagree with some of them because I think they miss the point of why the movie is still good. To be honest I like a lot of apparently bad movies. My wife says I am addicted to bad TV/movies. Hell, I have seen Best of the Best like 30 times! And Beastmaster even more! So I am not trying to argue that other people should like Tron, despite what I said above. I just think it is unfair to call it a bad movie because it has entertainment value. Blade Runner has a great underlying story and some interesting socio-political themes. It is a deeper movie than Tron, but I also think it is just flat boring.

Actually, Blade Runner reminds me…did anyone see the Total Recall TV series that ran on Showtime (I think) a few years back? It was kind of like Blade Runner. It had very little to do with the movie, actually, and was more about a sort of dark future with synthetic people struggling to become fully accepted as humans. One of them was a detective and partnered with a human. It was pretty bad, but I was just wondering if anyone saw it. Actually, I had one episode on tape, and I came across it the other day. It had one of the sexiest nude (yes full frontal!) women I have ever seen in my life (besides my wife, of course!). That’s not why I am asking…I am just curious if I was the only one who even noticed the show.

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