Tron 2.0 Multiplayer Demo

This just in:

Gentlemen, start your lightcycles.

sweet… filefront isn’t giving me much love though 24k/s :( any other mirrors up?

Gamer’s Hell has it up now, and I’m getting about 160KB/s from one of the European mirrors.

ahh, much better. 177k/s from the dutch server. Those crazy dutch.

In the demo, multiplayer lightcycle racing is only supported over a LAN. I figured that was a limitation of the demo, but the closing “coming soon” splash screen appears to indicate that lightcycles will be LAN-only in the final version as well. That can’t be right. Right?

That is correct. Apparently lightcycle racing was way too lag-intolerant.


Hmm… I wonder if it will work on something like Kali though.

Kali now there’s a flash from the past.

I haven’t tried this out yet, but if it’s anything like NOLF2 (I’m guessing it is), the netcode is really particular. You have GOT to go into the options and set it to your proper connection speed, and the server quality is a big determinant of how smooth it’ll be. The big 1.3 patch that added Doomsday mode improved NOLF2 a lot, but it was still really important to get on a server that had enough bandwidth/CPU for the amount of people they were hosting, which was sometimes hard to find.

Judging by the comments in other forums, Monolith still need to work their network code, big-time.

Oh, and there are reports that as with so many other games, Zone Alarm just like crashes everything if you try to join a multiplayer game. Just a PSA there.

You know, I always hear about Zonealarm causing zillions of problems, and can’t figure out why anyone really needs it.

Run anti-spyware software on a regular basis and turn off all unneeded network services. If you have cable/dsl, get a router and NAT. Why make life hard?

Well, I got home from work, and downloaded. I was barely a year old when the original Tron came out, and still, once I was of age to watch, I dug it immensely. I would play my uncle’s intellivision for hours upon hours. TRON!

I load the game. Great. LAN only lightcycles… fine… They are pretty much what I expected. Nothing really groundbreaking. It’s 3D snake, and plays like it. True to the original, so not much to complain about.

Tried out the Disc Arena, and was treated to two crashes. I finally got the game to load, and played a little with sluggish controls and alien game-styles for a little while, until the server froze, and I decided it was time to stop playing.

I hope the game has a compelling single player aspect, because if not, I’m taking my toys, and going home.

The Light Cycle game is pretty cool, but the camera is a bit flaky. It moves too slowly with the buttons and too quickly with the mouse. I’m sure they let you adjust that, but I was too lazy to check.

Tried to get into a multiplayer game twice and it crashed. I figured that Monolith wanted me to go play console games so I did that instead. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, or maybe I’ll never play this thing again.

I just played about 30 minutes of disc arena. It’s an interesting change of strategy from vanilla team dm, but it’s really all over the place, and I didn’t find it terribly enjoyable. It is different though. Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe not. I was really interested in this for the single player mode anyway.

It seems nearly impossible to actually hit anyone with the disc unless they don’t see you (unless there’s some trick to controlling the disc that I’m not seeing), so you spend all your time trying to knock out the grid underneath the opposing team. That’s right, a developer has found a way to make jumping puzzles the focus in a multiplayer game type! If nothing else, it legitimizes bunny-hopping more than any other multiplayer game, I suppose. Unfortunately, the grid seems to re-form much too quickly, and the disc returns much too slowly. So the potential to paint opponents into a corner is really diminished.

Grimoire will have lightcycles. Better lightcycles. And netcode, yeah, netcode, too.

There doesn’t seem to be much disc combat to the disc combat. I was hoping for something that felt more like the lightsaber combat it Jedi Outcast, but this is very slow paced. As others noted, you are just trying to kill platforms near your opponents, not your opponents themselves. Sort of like how the A-Team just shot near the bad guys to scare them into submission.

The lightcycles are better, pretty much what I was expecting. I use the mouse to control the camera, which gives pretty good situational awareness. I’d prefer to play against humans, since the reflexes of the bots cannot be matched. If you get too close to them, they do a little jink move to put a wall in front of you. It is so fast it looks like they crashed into you, then you notice they are driving away.

Isn’t the lightcycle racing one of the big selling points of the game?

Sort of like how the A-Team just shot near the bad guys to scare them into submission.

And to make their cars flip over.

Don’t question the system, sirrah.

Don’t question the system, sirrah.[/quote]

Heh. This game has continually bewildered me. It’s gotten covers on all three mags, and I think it may have gotten two covers on one mag, and it’s a game based on a 20+ year old movie that wasn’t even a box office smash. Is it really that fascinating?