Tron 2.0

So I picked this up yesterday. $20 new – hey, that’s not bad.

Comments so far:

  1. Ohmigod do I suck at lightcycles
  2. The “disc-block” move is the most twitchy move I’ve ever seen required in a first person game.
  3. The plot makes no sense at all
  4. The game is very stylish and Tronish - great job on the graphics
  5. Its ‘fun’.
  1. It gets worse. You either get better, or you can skip them.
  2. Yep. The timing is freaky.
  3. Yep.
  4. TRON 2.0 is like a game Ridley Scott would make – the style is so well done that you tend to overlook the other inconsistencies and flaws
  5. It doesn’t stay that way. At least it didn’t, not for me.


  1. Not me. I was the shiznit. But I didn’t like them anyway.
  2. Never used it. I relied on the “step out of the way” move.
  3. Plot? Oh yeah, I guess there was one kinda, but I don’t remember what it was.
  4. That the style is very “Tronish” is amazingly coincidental, don’t you think? :)
  5. I had some fun with it, too, until I got Halo. Halo so completely blew it out of the water in the fun department that I never went back and finished. It’s still a superior game, though–which is probably more a commentary on the mediocre quality of most games than anything else.

1.) Last I checked, there was a bug where skipping the lightcycle sequences broke the scripting later. Was there a patch to fix this?
2.) Yes, it’s twitchy. However, it’s also insanely useful, not to mention gratifying. It’s still easier than those stupid jumping puzzles.
3.) What is this ‘plot’ you speak of? Oh, you mean the so-called story component? Yeah, they managed to faithfully emulate the movie in that regard. ;)
4.) The graphics are by far the best part of the game.
5.) This is one of those games where the whole is better than the sum of the parts would seem to indicate.

  • Alan

I love the game. Played it straight through three times last fall. And while the graphics are excellent, the sound and music are also quite good.

I loved the game but I never could complete the last level where you are shooting up the whatsitcallit and have to defeat the three bosses even though I had maxed out all my software.

I just beat it.

Used god mode for the stupid final boss fight. I got tired of running in circles. You didn’t even miss much, as the closing cutscene was short and said nothing.

I liked the game. The music, sound, and graphics were very good, even though the actual gameplay was nothing revolutionary at all. Most of the subroutine switching stuff was kinda silly, as the entire game paused when you were doing that, so there was no need to equip more than one weapon at a time. Kinda defeated the purpose.

I was also rather surprised that they didn’t even bring the Tron program itself back – I mean, they had Boxleitner doing the voice work, why didn’t they? Probably for the sequel, which I see will suck, because it’ll be XBox only and not even really a sequel.

I was also rather surprised that they didn’t even bring the Tron program itself back – I mean, they had Boxleitner doing the voice work, why didn’t they? Probably for the sequel, which I see will suck, because it’ll be XBox only and not even really a sequel.

Who said it was going to be an Xbox only game? And are they coming out with a sequel?

Xbox Live subscribers, prepare to be de-rezzed. Today, Buena Vista Interactive revealed that it is working on Tron 2.0: Killer App, which is an Xbox-exclusive port of its PC game Tron 2.0. This game “reimagined” the classic world of Tron, which was a game series based on the 1982 film. Both portrayed anthropomorphic computer programs that slayed each other in gladiatorial contests, which humans saw as mere video games.

Shouldn’t that be slew each other?

It just looks like a port with some added features. Nothing to get excited about IMO.

They did bring back the Tron program, and everything went to hell in a handbasket. I think you mean more that they should’ve had Tronleitner come after you or something, which definitely would’ve been cooler.

God-moded through the final boss myself. It was a slight letdown to have that instead of something on the scale of the MCP. Evertying fell apart right at the end, right down to the otherwise cool level design. It just went from the awesomeness of the mobile server exterior to that cramped little area.

Apart from that last level the whole game was a masterpiece though. They really captured the spirit of the film and far surpassed it both in style and execution.

Yes I totally agree, it was a great game with excellent visuals. I hope they make a sequal (that Xbox version is just a glorified port not a sequal) if they do then I hope the just have the disk and get rid of the other weapons.

I finally got my hands on this game at the Rainbow Grocery Outlet for $5.00. Looks like this grocery chain bought out whatever Buena Vista had left in their stock rooms: lots of other Buena titles there too.

My thoughts:

1: The program loading system is amazing, fun, and an excellent addition.

2: The art and sounds are terrific. This game was obviously made by people who grew up loving Tron. It really shows. They got it all right. I particularly like the guy asking for Alan’s popcorn in the first scene.


4: No, really, fuck the jumping puzzles.

5: Buena Vista’s site has no updates. I can’t download anything to allow online play. That sucks.

One of my favorite FPSs. Definitely Monolith’s best. The jumping puzzles didn’t really bug me…They seemed appropriate somehow.

Tron is my favorite FPS in quite some time, and IMHO vastly underrated. True, the jumping puzzles are unfortunate, but they’re neither so frequent nor so hard, and you can Quick Load around them pretty quickly.

Now if only they’d make a tron CRPG.

Terrific game. An amazing amount of style and variety. If there’s a Half Price Books in your neighborhood, they’re selling off remainders at about $8. For that, it’s a steal.

I just got a shrinkwrapped box from a third-party Amazon seller for $8 shipped. Another bargain bonanza for the to-play pile!

I like the game a lot, although it had its flaws. Things I didn’t like were:

  1. Disc Blocking was to twitchy
  2. Falling a little over a ‘block’ high was instant death
  3. Multiplayer sucked, hence little to no replay value.
  1. I sucked at first. At some point a lightbulb went on and I “got it” and then it was actually quite fun.

  2. True, and it’s incredibly useful. Hell, late in the game its mandatory. You upgrade your blocking so that you shoot their discs back like a laser. Getting use to putting your crosshair over the enemy and hitting block at just the right moment is tough indeed. But it does HUGE damage is totally rocks. The good news is, once you get a sense for the rhythm of it it will come quite naturally.

  3. Yep. It kinda gets a little more clear over time, especially if you read all the emails you find.

  4. TOTALLY stylish. The environments are incredible, and I would keep playing just to see how neat the next level would be. There are some “wow” vistas in there, too.

  5. I had tons of fun with it, right up to the final boss, who was Not Fun. I particularly think the opening credits sequence was one of the most stylish and cinematic of any game I can remember, with absolutely PERFECT animation, and music.

Note: there are patches -

Get that patch for sure if you plan to skip light cycle races.