Tron: Legacy Soundtrack (Daft Punk)

Available now, downloading now, US$4 at Amazon:

Note there’s only six tracks that I would consider song length (3-4mins). The other 17 are between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes long. Some great sounds and ideas but I would have like to hear more of them fleshed out into full length, but eh, it’s a soundtrack. All total you get over an hour of music.

Good deal, thanks for the tip!

Is it Daft Punk covering/imitating Wendy Carlos’ Tron soundtrack for the most part? Because that would be nifty.

A good part of it is non Daft Punk-y and far more like traditional motion picture scores. I quite dig that part, but it’s not Daft Punk-ish. Some of the longer tracks on the album are closer to traditional Daft Punk.

At $4, it’s worth it regardless IMO.

The Game Has Changed sounds like a Daft Punk remix of the Inception theme. It even has the BWAAAAAHHH!

Haven’t you heard the bits and pieces of it from the various trailers and the soundtrack site itself?

I’ve ordered the soundtrack, but I’ll refrain from listening to it until after I’ve seen the movie.

Agreed on its non-Daft-Punk-ness, which is a shame. Been listening to it on Rdio this morning and I think I’ve decided not to actually buy it.

I assumed it was an innocent question enough as Wendy Carlos is one of the earliest pioneers of electronic music and Daft Punk is to some extent following in her footsteps. From the quick samples I heard I would say no, the two really aren’t related on more than a very superficial level. But I figured if somebody who had listened to the complete album and knew who she was, would be able to answer my question better than myself after a cursory listen of some random tracks done this afternoon.

And to answer your question, no, I’d never heard of the record until today.

My 5 year old son and I have been enjoying this. He’s only seen part of the original, but he’s excited (I think because his dad is) for the the new movie, and requests to listen to the Tron music on car rides now.

Song’s I’m a fan of?

Solar Sailer - Really low key but great little bass ditty on it. Reminds me (though not quite similar) of the Hyperspace track from StarCon II.

Tron Legacy (End Credits) - Great song to roll the credits with.

Recognizer is fun, and Outlands reminds me of a more traditional movie sound track song.

See, this is why I’m avoiding the soundtrack until I’ve seen the movie.

Not bad. Rorshach, are you getting a commission on our $4? I see there is a reference component to the URL. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Actually, there would be something wrong with that. I’m sure you guys can see how problematic it would be if folks start embedding that sort of stuff in links. That’s not a precedent I want to set. So please don’t do that.


Sorry, it was a quick and dirty cut and paste. No sinister intentions. I’ve edited the URL to take out the ref… it wasn’t mine.

Sorry about that. I forget at times that people like things spoiler free. To be fair it does make a brief appearance in one or two of the trailers.

I thought as much. I’m always copying and pasting links that get dirtied with other people’s reference and commission stuff. I’m just sensitive to it because one of our corporate data services has a lot of commission relationships and I’m administering them all.

Woah, glad I stumbled across this post. I was looking to purchase the soundtrack later today or tomorrow. I was planning on purchasing it at this link which the Amazon search gave me. Would have been slightly annoyed to find out afterwards that an alternate deal existed for $4 instead, an extra track and digital booklet (whatever that will be), and even some Video on Demand credit.

That’s the track from the second trailer and one of my favorites.

I was a bit surprised when Disney released a “video” for Derezzed. It’s a short video (under three minutes) so I thought it was a teaser, but nope, the track is 1:44.

It’s interesting to hear what Daft Punk has done with the London Symphony as one of their tools along with sequencers, synths, and drum machines.

It sounds a lot like Daft Punk covering Philip Glass. Which is not bad at all, I just hear influences from Pruitt Igoe in a lot of the tracks.

I’m not sure it’s a shame… the soundtrack parts that don’t sound Daft-Punk ish are absolutely wonderful. Great mood music to just sit back and cogitate to.

Mind you, I’d be all for a soundtrack or 30 that DID sound Daft Punk-ish, since DP are one of the few bands who I literally have heard nothing I don’t like from, and it’s been too long since they put out a new album. But I’d still suggest that anyone who likes good music should check this out.

If anyone can tell me how the hell you access the digital booklet, that would be spiffy.

(Unlike many, I couldn’t really care less about the movie. The first movie was horrid, with the exception of the spiffy graphics. I expect this to be more of the same. So spoiling the movie isn’t a big deal to me.)