Tropico 2: Pirate cove

Does anyone have this and what do you think about it, if you do?

I liked the original tropico, but I got bored of it fast and didn’t think it was quite worth the retail price. If it had been just a little bit better, however, I would have gotten a lot more enjoyment of it.

Didn’t even know it was out, I’ll have to stop in at EB and pick it up.

Tropico was fun, and the soundtrack was excellent (even bought it from LMS), but I’ll agree that it could get old pretty fast. I like what I’ve read so far about Pirate’s Cove, so we’ll see how they did.

I’ve got a copy in my hot little hands and expect to play it tonight. Rulebook is good, though. :-)

It’s done by Frog City, who did the fantastic Imperialism games…

I liked Tropico a bunch, but found the interface needed some work…seems like they did a lot on this aspect on the sequel (Frog City, I mean)

I beta tested T2 for Frog City. It’s an excellent game. Think Settlers 2 with a light sprinkling of Sim City all wrapped up in a humorous pirate shell and you’ll have a fair idea of the gameplay. It’s really far more unlike Tropico than it’s like it, although it does share the same interface and certain elements like the Edicts and so on. But all the tedium has been eliminated (interminable build times, monitoring peasant wage levels, etc.), and the fun factor multiplied.

I’ll leave the actual reviewing to someone who gets payed for it, but if you like the Settlers 2 style of play, you will definitely not be disappointed in T2. With this game, Frog City has proven, in my opinion at least, that they’re as adept at realtime games as they are at turn-based. T2 is not a perfect game, but it’s pretty goldurned good.

EDIT: Cancel that Sim City reference. While T2 does have zones of a sort, they function differently from the zones in SC. Moreover, that’s really the only resemblance to SC that T2 has, so it’s probably more misleading than helpful to have thrown that in there.

Less tedium…yay!

I am confused by “gold urned”, however. :wink:

Yeah, I was wondering if anyone would catch that. There’s this gold urn, see, and that’s what the pirates are after… :)

Ahhhh…like the Holy Grail for pirates…gotcha!

I was up until the proverbial Quarter to Three playing this last night. So far, I’m very hooked.

I enjoyed the original Tropico, but a few things like the lack of structure and the super long time to build later buildings really turned me off.

So far, T2 is Tropico with some cool gameplay twists (I love the whole “forming crews and exploring the Caribbean” thing), an improved interface (good hyperlink and rollover help throughout), a more real campaign (not their strongest point, but provides some needed structure), and still keeping all the cool things about Tropico.

I don’t know if it’ll win any new converts over to the franchise, but so far (about 5 missions in the campaign) it hasn’t disappointed. It can be a little hard a times (my first 4 ships all sank in an early mission) but it’s a reasonable level of difficulty, not the ultra-masochistic-self-hatred-difficulty of 1503…

I’m not sure how much has been tweaked since beta, but the campaign scenarios should get much better later on. They started out deliberately easy–more like training scenarios than anything else–with captives and pirates that were relatively easy to keep in line and pretty simple victory conditions. But by the time scenario 10 or so rolled around, things got considerably more challenging.

On the ships sinking, you have to be careful to send only properly equipped ships out with appropriate orders or they’ll get plugged. Of course, that’s not always easy to do, but therein lies (part of) the challenge.

In the demo, my pirate ships were never sucessfull, even with the most conservative settings (safest). Ill proabbly pick this game up tonight.

Do the pirates get experienced so they can do better missiosn or is it just a matter of luck and equipment?

Also, from the demo it seemed like there was this whole world to explore, not just make an sucessfull island. Is tropico 2 one where you keep making islands over and over or more like a few (or one) island that you keep for a long campeign?

Does the game have an overall goal? I can’t stand “sandbox” games like Sim City beacause there’s no defined endgame.

I’ll defintely pick it up if it does.

Pirates don’t earn experience that persists between missions, but there are things you can do within a mission to up their skills: you can buy peglegs, parrots, and pirate hats for them, for instance.

Also, from the demo it seemed like there was this whole world to explore, not just make an sucessfull island. Is tropico 2 one where you keep making islands over and over or more like a few (or one) island that you keep for a long campeign?

The demo was a poor representation of the final game. There’s a lot more to do than you ever saw in the demo.

You’re right in a way that there’s a whole world to explore, but at the same time you’ll never have enough time and supplies to explore it all in a typical campaign mission. Sandbox mode is a different story, as those games can be made very long, but even there all you’re exploring is the sea areas, looking for good trade routes to plunder. It’s not like you’ll be landing on islands and exploring them and whatnot.

In the Tropico 2 campaign, you start with a new island and new starting setup in every scenario. The campaign tells a story, and moves you from island to island according to the storyline. Since the whole point of T2 is building your island societies, it would be kind of pointless if you kept the same one throughout the game.

T2 has it all. It has a campaign mode for people like you and me, with missions that have defined goals. It has stand-alone scenarios, which also have defined goals. And it also has a sandbox mode, which allows you to play really (surprisingly) long games in whatever way you want to play them. You probably won’t care much for the sandbox mode, but there’s way more than enough other substance there to keep you happy.

On top of all that, it has a scenario and map editor, combined with a very cool scripting language that allows you to not only create your own scenarios but tweak the existing ones and even cheat your way past them if you get stuck! The scripting language was one of the things I liked best about T2.

Awesome. I’ll pick it up today.

As a pre-emptive editorial strike so that no one has to make the comparison and can just say one or the other (until we read it in 100 reviews, that is), is it:

A. Revolutionary
B. Evolutionary

Well, “evolutionary” if I have to pick between the two. There’s nothing in T2 that hasn’t been done before. But then, there’s nothing in most games these days that hasn’t been done before. That’s not to say it isn’t fun, though.

What T2 does is take elements from different games and put them together into a new mix. Each element is recognizable enough in itself, but the overall game is fresh enough and well-polished enough to be entertaining. I disagree with those who see a strong T1 resemblance in T2. I think if they stop and think about how T1 actually played and how T2 actually plays, they’ll see that the resemblance between the two is pretty superficial. As I said before, the game that most strongly comes to mind for me is Settlers 2. The actual city-building and resource hauling dynamic in T2 is almost identical. Then you have, in a roundabout way, a bit of Sim City, with the need to keep your sims happy (or shocked and awed, as the case may be). Finally, you have the pirate cruise aspect, which I’m sure has a precedent in other games, although I can’t think of a specific one right off the top of my head.

Hammered at work today, so I can’t give as long a review as I would like but: (and excuse my typoes/spelling - rushed)

Great game.

The island building portion is a noticable improvement over T1. More feedback about what your workers are up to has removed the frustration I experienced in T1. Great humor as well. Can’t wait to build my first Parrot shop! (It improves the bravery of your captains if they have a parrot :D )

The cruse control (hehe) and exploration aspect combined with the diplomatic aspects are great. Playing politics, (Letter of Marque, privateering, etc.) add a whole new layer to the game.

Down side, basically bugs, References to things in the manual that seem to have been yanked in the final release (level 4 Priate’s Palace?), I have to click with the middle of my cursor, the tip of the arrow misses (logictech) Higher resolutions cause the in-game screen to minimise when you load the game…

Anyone seen a strategy guide?

I am having a great time with this game! I was worried that I was becoming jaded with gaming in general but this one has restored my faith.


The Settlers comparison, while some may see as a negative, I find intriguing. I could never stick with any of the Settlers titles very long and have no idea why the series continues (oh right, crazy Germans), but it obviously does some things correctly and kept me interested enough to keep trying the demos.

Ron…hammered at work? That must be a sweet gig you have there.

“Ron…hammered at work? That must be a sweet gig you have there.”

hmm, trying to figure out if this makes me older or younger then you. :P

Upon reflection I’ve remember that Hammered can imply consumming vast quantities of your poison of choice… I wish! (being sober doesn’t improve my spelling as all.)

I use ‘Hammered’ to imply over worked and underpayed. Not that anyone would notice the former here at Apple… :lol:

Priate cruse tip: make sure the armament and skills of your pirates match the ‘tactic’ you choose for your ship. (example: full load of cutlasses + boarding actions + priates with good Swordmanship = success)