Tropico 4 Modern Times: cheeseburger in paradise

Title Tropico 4 Modern Times: cheeseburger in paradise
Author Dave Markell
Posted in Game diaries
When April 16, 2012

The Tropico series of city builders has always been one of my favorites..

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Always wanted to get into Tropico 4 but it seems to get pushed down the line by every other game.

It's worth your time--it's lighthearted and fun, but also has reasonably deep mechanics. I've enjoyed every game in the series to varying degrees, even Tropico 2.

We made Children of the Nile at Tilted Mill, not Impressions! Although most of us came from there. Thanks for the shoot-out either way. Oddly enough our producer at EA for Societies was the producer on Tropico 2. I'm looking forward to Trop 4.

Dang it, you're right. I was thinking of Pharoah. My abject apologies for the oversight, Mat.

Pharaoh, rather. Can't spell today either.

Does the term biofarm sound redundant to anyone else? Isn't a farm understood to be "bio" unless we say otherwise (ie. server farm)?

It bothers me, too. I'm surprised they didn't call them organic farms, or agribusiness, or something that's used in the RL.

Well, it could be a chem farm. You know, where they grow chemicals. :) But, yeah, I think they missed an opportunity to poke fun at the hysteria about genetically modified crops. I can imagine a GM Farm that serves as a happiness hit on your environmentalist faction.

The fertilize edict huh? I can see I'll be getting that one and the contraception ban edict confused (I have Tropico 4 and this expansion, yet to play it much because I'm still enjoying Tropico 3).

Does placing the new farms have any sort of negative impact on the populace? It seems to be the sort of building that would get the Environmentalist demographic up in arms.

Not at all. In fact, when biofarms become available the environmentalists start bugging you to demolish all the old ones and replace them. Biofarms don't deplete the soil, don't pollute, and feed more people using less acreage, so I guess it makes sense.