Tropico 4

Announced! For Q2 2011! And this is the thread to discuss it, when we know anything. In the meantime, please enjoy the soothing music and these screenshots.

Sweet! I’m looking forward to this.

Excellent. Tropico 3/expansion was basically Tropico 1 with a new paint job (which I loved - it needed it). But this sounds like they’re really taking the core concept to new places - should be exciting!

I was hoping the next in the series would change venues to the North Korean dictatorship setting.

Build the Rukyong Hotel, conduct purges, conduct attacks and kidnappings against South Korea and Japan while playing China and the USA against each other, etc…

Well, here’s to hoping for robust mod tools being included…

You return as El Presidente, the dictator of the island of Tropico, and it’s your job to turn it into a feared superpower.

Interesting. Doesn’t really fit the vibe of 1 and 3, but then a sequel should go to new places sometimes.

i think the ‘feared superpower’ might be hyperbole … but then again… how long really does america have as a superpower? just a decade ago russia was one. i don’t even see china being able to. so wth… who knows!

Very happy to see this news! One of my top 10 favorite games.

Nice to see some of my favorite buildings in those screenshots–and some new ones like the waterslide that should be fun.

Reaching “feared superpower” status unlocks a new disaster you have to deal with: Rico Rodriguez.

If they fix it so that tourism is economically competitive with agriculture/factories I’ll be a happy camper.

I ran some successful tourism islands, but overall I have to agree that it wasn’t as lucrative or simple as manufacturing, agriculture, and mining.

Well, damn. I just started to play 3… Yeah, I’m behind the times.

Three is totally worth your time, especially with the expansion pack. Much fun to be had.

My backlog is extensive. Kind of depressing when sequels are coming out to games you haven’t even installed yet (or finished). I still have Fallout 3 and Dragon Age: Origins (for instance) unfinished damn it! Not having my desktop PC isn’t helping, either.

By the time tropico 4 comes out I may actually have had the chance to play through the third one and I still need to get into Dawn of Discovery.

This would be a fantastic theme for an expansion.

A little splash of Evil Genius.

Some kind of Tropico/Just Cause 2 mix would be Just Awesome. It could be some kind of cross-over MP thing, players of Just Cause 3 would have the option to invade the worlds of players of Tropico 4, kind of like black phantoms in Demon’s Souls. The Tropico player has to send military forces at the invading Rico, and keep their avatar as far away from him as possible, while trying to maintain as much order and stability as possible.

A man can dream, a man can dream.

Wow. Just wow. This is the future. And it sounds amazing!


playing tropico 3 and just cause 2 around the same time… i too imagined an action Tropico The Sims game. The possibilities are endless!