Tropico 5

I love this series and can’t wait. That is all.

Eh. Tropico 4 was a barely altered Tropico 3 (itself basically an up-rezzed Tropico 1, though that’s no bad thing). They’re talking a big game about the differences in this one, but I wouldn’t be suprised if the longer timeline just amounts to different skins on the same buildings.

They’re adding multiplayer. Co-op as well as competitive.

Not my thing for this sort of game.

If they add new game mechanics that really change up game-play, then I would be interested, otherwise it is a pass. For now, it is just a wait and see.

I noticed this will also be released on xbox 360. Let’s hope this won’t be some dumbed down edition of the game.

I think every Tropico since 3 has been on Xbox.

I think if they went with a more continuous game opposed to many short scenarios, it could be interesting.
The basic play formula was:

  1. Start new island
  2. Follow standard start (build the same shit you always do)
  3. Deal with the few scripted “challenges” on this map.
  4. Resume standard build to get to final goal.
  5. End game, and go to step 1.

Now if had a campaign that took place on one island (and you had a few campaigns to choose from), where you were not doing the same shit over and over again, it might be a lot more interesting.

If they simply add other mechanics, like research, that might not really help mix things up. For example, before you need a hospital. Now you just have to research it first and THEN you can build it. OR you just plonk down a hospital, but now you can improve its capacity by 20% via research. This alone would not really generate much interest in the game without drastically increasing the the length and complexity of each island / scenario.

I am not saying how it IS going to be. I do not know how it will be. I am just talking about possibilities of what might be.
In the previous Tropico games I did have a standard set of things I would do in almost any scenario, which is what I tried to describe above. For example, try and get tobacco farming going and then a cigar industry so you started getting the money in. In nearly every scenario I would do this and almost always first. The only exception was when the scenario dictated something different, ie: There are no tobacco spots, and you need to develop oil.

Same here, and it’s because there were certain economic approaches (tobacco being the best example) that were so superior to the rest that not using them was a deliberate handicapping move.

On an unrelated note, I’m excited by this announcement. 3 and 4 were too much alike, and for 5 to interest me, the series needs to add some significant gameplay changes. Dynasties and teching up (which first appeared in the badly balanced but interesting Modern Times expansion), might just do it.

I agree I loved the original game, but 3 and 4 were meh. I only played them a fraction of the time I spent with the original and they just weren’t as much fun. I think the setting is still a fascinating one so I’ll keep an open mind, but this is a wait and see game for me. Probably will wait for reviews and steam sale.

Multiplayer could have a lot of potential. I can’t wait. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot.

Beta application is open.

Saw that this morning and jumped right on it. :)

I registered for it. Hope I make it in.

I’m ready to play!

Start a bright new future for you and your family by moving to the beautiful land of opportunity known as Tropico. On 23rd May, El Presidente has declared that Tropico 5 will be available globally on PC (US retail release 27th May): so make sure you’ve packed your sunglasses and swim shorts. The Xbox 360® and Mac versions will be releasing this summer with a version for the PlayStation®4 platform following in autumn. Kalypso is also working on an extensive Steam OS (Linux) version which will release with the respective new hardware.

Sweet! Looking forward to this one.

I still have hopes for a beta invite.

I skipped 4 since it sounded like it was really similar to 3, which I enjoyed. I just hope they do enough new things to make it worth picking up.

From what I’ve gathered they changed the overall structure of the game from 3 and 4. Instead of it being all about balancing the two super powers in the cold war while building your paradise, it’s now more like a Civ game in that you start in the colonial era and progress through time to the present and future. That’s enough of a change for me. It’s still a city builder, so I’m hoping it doesn’t have the same issue as the past 2 games where you just follow the same build formula for every scenario.