Tropico 5

That’s really the issue for me in 3 and 4. They were both good - for a bit - but it was way too easy to nail down the correct build order and just use the same path (with minor variations) for every game.


Yeah, Tropico defiinitely needs a design refresh, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Why the discrepancy in platforms? 360 but no XBO, PS4 but no PS3. Odd.

Some of the graphics look exactly the same to me… but if there is a little extra AND MP, I am there for the MP alone. I hope it’s a good system.

WTF is…

From the previews it’s better than I thought it would be, but not Day One material. I’ll wait until the inevitable sale around the holidays.

I’m installing the game now. Won’t have time to take it for a spin until much later today, though.

It’s dumb that they didn’t have a preload.

Yeah, no argument. Wonder whether Steam or the devs are to blame?


Someone please let me know what the point is of the Presidente if you no longer control him/her on the map?

Well, guess I finally need a new graphics card! I’ve been using my formerly cutting edge Nvidia GeForce 295 for 4-5 years now with no issues, but Tropico 5 is too much for it. Time to do some research.

And you can’t control Presidente? That’s a major change.

Joystiq’s reviewmakes me think I may not be a fan of this:

It’s as if you gave two teams Tropico 3 and asked them to improve on it. One took the clutter and cut it to give us Tropico 4, while another simply moved the clutter around, changed some game mechanics, couldn’t reach the mark of their own ambition and gave us Tropico 5.

The time periods and research tree are going to be infuriating for veterans. They are hurdles and another example of two steps forward, one step back micromanagement for the series. Again, they were clearly designed for new players to ease into the world of Tropico. Unlike previous Tropico games where players were in one time period (The Cold War) and could build almost everything if they had the cash, the eras and the research requirements are now used as artificial blocks to prevent construction. This leaves you with a very small palette to build with initially. Tourism, a staple of the series, isn’t introduced until the third level, which depending on how one plays can be 4-6 hours+ in. Veterans will also notice the gameplay loop is nearly identical to that of Tropico 4.

Anybody want to throw in on a 4-pack for $119?

Anyone play MP yet? I am specifically interested in the cooperative part.

Haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to spend to time with Tropico 5 this weekend.

Well, I think I’m quickly losing hope that Tropico 5 will make me want to return to the game again. T4 was pretty darn easy to succeed and play by basically repeating a set formula (as mentioned earlier). Having quests in T5 that pretty much point out what you need to do surely won’t make the game more challenging or fun.

Hoo boy! There are some mad folks in the forums!

They apparently didn’t realize that Tropico 5 requires a DX11 GPU.

I sympathize with anyone who can’t use what they purchase, but the specs state that requirement. Even if you ignored the directx piece, the minimum cards are 11.

I’m right there with you. Of course, I say this knowing that I didn’t even check the requirements. I just assumed a) I can run Tropico 4 fine and this doesn’t look that much better, and b) there’s an Xbox 360 version so I assumed it was DX10.

Luckily, I have a DX11 card!

Edit: People are pointing to this Kalypso post back on the 21st as bad info.

Your graphics card supports DirectX 10.1 hardware profile which is all you need to run Tropico 5. The minimum system requirements are correct.