Tropico 5

Oh they should have corrected that, repeatedly and in bold all over the place. You know you are right though, it doesn’t look that different and it’s on 360, so I am not sure why the PC specs are high in comparison.

Oh… The minimum hardware spec even on the Steam page is an AMD HD 4000 series. Unfortunately, not all of the HD 4000 series actually supports full DX11.

GeForce 400 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 4000 or higher, Intel HD 4000 or higher

Oops. That sucks. I think Kalypso is going to have to suck down some returns.

Oh crap, I think I’m going to have to do a crash video card upgrade over the DX11 limitation. My main gaming rig is fine but my sons probably isn’t. He is a huge Tropico fan too and I’d promised to buy it for him so we could try cooperative mode. His PC is ancient, it’s cobbled together out of spare parts that were lying around, and might not be able to handle DX11. I’ll have to go run and do a quick vid card check on it.

The good news is that you can get a cheapo DX11 card for about $30 now.

1.01 patch already released:

  • Several performance and visual optimizations
  • Added visual effect for failed and expired tasks
  • Fixed rare loading screen freezes
  • Fixed traffic logic bugs (cars no longer get stuck)
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Fixed several multiplayer exploits
  • Alt+mouse scroll now changes zoom level while placing a building
  • Oil Refinery no longer collapses when nearby deposits are depleted
  • Disasters no longer change camera scroll speed
  • Tornadoes no longer destroy buildings that are far away
  • Fixed rebuilding destroyed buildings after disasters
  • Campaign progress correctly matches the dynasty used and no longer prompts for dynasty saves
  • Added autosave between campaign missions
  • Plantations and ranches no longer transform to construction sites when crops or livestock type is changed
  • Improved trade ships movement logic
  • Trade ships and freighters now use different color schemes
  • Revoke effect of the Martial Law edict on elections is now corrected
  • Fixed some achievements not working/unlocking properly
  • Improved surface suitable for construction on randomly generated islands
  • Improved hardware compatibility with Intel HD graphics cards
  • Fixed several localization issues. Those responsible have been punished by Miss Pineapple

Ugh, players on the official forum say there’s no save for MP. That’s messed up.

I probably wasn’t going to check out MP before I’d finished the campaign anyway but that’s pretty bad.

Another wonderful strategy game, another clunky release. This seems to be our new craptastic reality.
I’m confident Gal Civ 3 will break that trend though! :)

Somehow I failed the final tutorial mission and there’s no way to replay it unless I start the tutorial over. Oh well, just will jump into the campaign.

Yup, and I was one of them. Ran out and bought one today. Hadn’t had any real need for one before this. Now that it’s installed, I can finally start playing.

I was one too. I just was lucky enough to have a DX11 card already!

Pretty happy so far after a couple missions.

Didn’t realize that your island carries over across missions now. So it’s not just a choice of map at the start.

The campaign is a bit confusing. Sometimes it lets you choose between maps, sometimes it does not.

I started a new campaign after some messy maps. It lets you use the previous dynasty with all the powerups.

Okay, Tropico 5. You win.

So the big question is, is this a $40 jump in fun/quality over Tropico 4? Or should I hold off until the inevitable Kalypso “everything must go” sale?

I enjoyed Tropico 3 and 4 quite a bit. But the differences (or lack there-of) between the two made it feel like I bought an expansion pack as opposed to a new game. My internal price point for an expansion is around $30, which is why I ask if 5 is a step up or a step sideways.

It feels like a lateral move to me.

I’m not sure how you could qualify a sequel to a city builder like Tropico and being a $40 jump in fun over it’s predecessors.

I think the way I would sum it up is, if you’re a die hard fan of the series, and need your Tropico fix, this is worth the full price. The production values are there, and it’s a full on sequel. It doesn’t feel like an expansion to me. The missions are varied so far, with lots of tasks along the way to help you develop. I’m in the 4th mission and haven’t even touched tourism yet. The dynasty stuff is new, and cool. Advancing through the various ages is a neat concept that while done before, is new to this series. But let’s face it: at it’s core, it’s still about building your town, satisfying the needs of the populace, growing your economy, keeping the super powers happy and at bay, and getting reelected. To me, that’s worth the price of admission and I wasn’t willing to wait for a sale. I haven’t regretted it to this point, and I haven’t even played with the sandbox mode yet. If you’re not sure it’s worth it, check out a few Let’s Plays and then decide.

I hate the fact that they eliminated the political balancing act between all the factions and reduced them to 2. I normally hate the term “dumbed down” when applied to a game, but if that term ever fits, it fits here.

In fairness, 90% of my gaming time has been going to Distant Worlds this weekend, so I’ve just played a little bit of the first campaign scenario. If things open up in later eras, please let me know to ease my mind.

I felt the exact same. 3 and 4 were too close alike. Even looking at 5, I see the same buildings. Don’t get me wrong. I eventually bought 4, but I was not willing to pay for a new game when it was more like an expansion. MP was going to make this feel new to me, in addition to just more Tropico enjoyment, so until they fix that, I am not going to buy it at full price.

I have very favorable impressions of 5 so far, but it’s early going so it’s hard to tell how things will really play out. I liked 3 and 4 a lot and this definitely has a “more of the same” vibe but adding a longer timescale and research into the mix promises to be interesting. I haven’t played enough yet to figure out if it suffers from the same problems as Tropico 3/4, where it’s too easy once one figures out how to abuse/exploit the advanced industries for huge money.