Tropico 6 - Make El Presidente great again


Oh! Will we be seeing a version of Chirpy in this game too?


Wasn’t 4 exactly like 5… and now there’s another one already?


Please don’t question Dear Leader.


I think 5 was like 4. Stupid time causality.


Wasn’t 4 exactly like 3, except with cars?


Ugh. Cell phones have no place in a Tropico game. They’ve destroyed everything that made the setting unique. If they’re going to make a generic city-builder set in modern times, they should give it an appropriate name. Something bland like Cities: Islands.


Wasn’t 3 exactly like 2, except without pirates?


3 was completely different from 2. 2 was like 1 with pirates but played pretty differently. 3, 4 and 5 are pretty similar.

I am all for 6 though, hoping it will give a little more this time around. I need to see gameplay!.


Did you play the last couple of versions by Kalypso? They go up to modern times.


“Already”? Hasn’t it been a while since 5? I was just talking to someone the other day saying how it would be cool if they made a new Tropico.


I think I played Tropico 3-4? And I think I was disappointed by it for that reason? They really missed the Castro vs. right-wing dictator vibe of the original. You know they’re releasing them too often when you can’t even remember which one you don’t like.


I liked the early Tropico games, but the last few have been very generic. Ill pass on this one unless it does something interesting with gameplay.


Tropico 5 came out in 2014, and 6 is coming in 2018. I think 4 years is long enough between releases.

I’m looking forward to it, and I think putting it in more modern times makes sense. They can’t just keep rehashing the same formula over and over. We just complained up thread about how 4 and 5 were too similar.


Except how 4 was great fun and 5 was a flaming turd, but yes, graphically they are similar.

On the plus side, it has to be better than civ 6!


I’d just like to report that I have the tropico 1 soundtrack on my phone right now. Carry on.


Will they bring back random maps?


Why was that?

I’m asking from the perspective of installing one to play soon.


Military​ is a larger (and in the campaign, unavoidable) part of the game and much, much worse than in 4.

Yes, really, much worse. Which is impressive.


In most city builders, the player tension comes from balancing the needs of the citizenry, the real estate restrictions, and the taxes to fund new construction. Tropico’s big differentiator is the need to also take into account the foreign and domestic political powers that influence your island. These come in the form of events like embargoes, possible coups, rebel uprisings, corruption, etc. Tropico 5 shifted a lot of that balance onto the foreign request pop-ups to a degree that I think undercut the rest of the game. It’s dead easy to just fulfill the pop-up requests to end up with a gigantic coffer of money.

There’s no real penalty for failing the pop-up requests because the threat of military action is toothless. The combat/tower defense bits in Tropico 5 are the worst. The nonexistent AI makes the whole mechanic a waste of time. Just build a bunch of guard posts and forts and laugh at anyone trying to invade or rebel.


E3 bits:

This time around, you control an entire archipelago rather than just one island. The grouping of islands I saw featured one that was rich in agriculture, while one was host to a massive volcano, and the other was a beautiful beachy island. Each area varies with resources, with accessible overlays showing where you can find resources like oil, fish, and iron. One island was rich in coal, so we built a coal mine and a port so that boats could transport it to the other islands.[/quote]