Tropico: Mucho Macho Supero El Supreme Editiono

What the fuck? I mean, really. I don’t understand this. They put out the expansion, then a couple month’s later (okay, six) they release a box set compilation thing. But I can’t patch the game using the Mucho Macho Supremo patch? Uh, according to the website, all it is is the two games bundled, with nothing new added. Sure, there’s extra scenarios, but those’re downloadable.

So really, what the fuck?

I am not sure. I installed the original game then Paradise Island then the TPI_151.exe patch then the trop_153.exe patch.

Everything seems to work ok.

Great game.

The Mucho Macho version is a new executable, so any patch for that version wouldn’t work on a different version, I’m guessing.

So what you want is to patch the version you have? But you can’t? I’m not sure I understand. Is the game giving you problems?

No, I just don’t understand why they patched the new version but not the old. Maybe it’s the exact same patch, I’m not sure.

It’s just infuriating that the game is the exact same but the new version is getting updates and the old is not.

Maybe we’ve entered a new golden era for the game companies where you have to pay more to get what you originally should have gotten.

No more game companies going out of business now.

Hey, if this keeps Phil goin until he gets around to making me an RT3, I’m all for it. In fact I’m gonna go to Gamestop and buy the Mucho Dinero edition today!

I don’t know anything about patches, but Mucho Macho is just the Gold edition of Tropico. It’s aimed at people who haven’t purchased the original game yet.

Gold versions of games are always a better deal since they bundle together the original game and any subsequent material. It’s a tradeoff. You can grab a game when it first comes out and (hopefully) enjoy it, or you can be patient and wait for a price drop or a gold version in 12 to 18 months. Play now or save $ later.

The only thing about Mucho Macho that bugged me a bit was that I thought it followed a bit too closely on the heals of the PI expansion. There were fewer than six months between the releases. I was worried that some fans who purchased PI might feel a bit burned.

My wife and I would be such people, but nobody’s forcing us to buy the Mucho Macho version…And we haven’t. Obviously, because we bought PI, we already had the original game.

If the additional scenarios are downloadable to people like us – and I hear that they are, but I haven’t really looked yet – then I don’t feel burned, at all.

But if not, then I’ll be a little ticked that they’re essentially punishing me for being one of the people that helped them sell enough copies to merit a gold version, to begin with.

Well, how long would be an acceptable period to wait for a gold version? That’s the established pattern now – original game, then expansion, then gold version combining both. At what point can a gold version be released after an expansion and not leave you discontented? Just curious.

A year is certainly enough time.

I’m probably not a good indicator. I purposely didn’t buy the expansion, because I knew by the time I got around to spending play time on it, Tropico II would already be out.

Oddly enough, I have been spending time with Railroad Tycoon II and the more time I spend with it, the more I admire both it and Tropico. He’s doing some neat stuff.

I think that eight to twelve months after the final expansion pack is a reasonable delay for a gold edition. If an expansion is not selling well, it may make more sense to bundle it with an upgraded original to grab those who were on the fence buying to begin with.

RT2 had a platinum edition six months after its gold edition, and I thought this was a bit of a money grab. I bought the gold edition and was a little annoyed that a few months after, the publishers released even more content on the shelves.


Huh? The Platinum edition for RT2 shipped long after the Gold Edition. Platinum only came out earlier this year while the Gold Edition shipped in 1999. Railroad Tycoon II is a 1998 release!


Oops. Thanks for the correction Dave. The last few years have been such a blur…I don’t know why I had the impression they were closer than they really were.

Ignore everything I said above. Except the 8-12 motnth thing.


Nice to see folks playing our games.

The RT2 chronology was RT2 orig in Nov 98, Expansion in Apr 99, Gold in Sept 99 (Gold added 12 new scenarios, which were posted online, IIRC).

Two years later the game was still selling, but the elaborate RT2 Gold packaging was too expensive to sell the game at $10-20 with, so we did a new version, RT2 Plat, in Aug 01, basically gold plus 50 user maps off the 'net (already available obviously). Yes, all authors agreed to be included and were paid a small amount per map.

Tropico was released in April 01, Exp. in Jan/Feb '02 (slightly earlier in Europe, oddly), Gold/Mucho Macho in July 02. Gold added new scenarios (which ARE freely downloadable - link is at our site), plus some bonus material, including a ‘making of Tropico’ video produced by none other than Mark A.

Tropico orig last patch was 1.07, issued about 2 months ago. Tropico expansion and gold/mucho macho both use the same EXE, version 1.53. There is a different patch file avail for expansion (for the expansion, you first install patch 1.51, then 1.53, both available at the patch site. for Gold, just install 1.53). The reason for separate files is that the 1.53 EXE requires some supplementary files (about 4MB worth) that are already included in Gold version. To keep download size down (nice for modem users), Gold patch only includes EXE, expansion patches also include supplementary files.

For both RT2 and Tropico, buyers of the orig and exp. never NEEDED to buy anything further - supplementary maps were (and I believe, still ARE) all freely downloadable. A few things on these later versions (such as the making of video) are so big that making them downloadable wasn’t practical, but directly game relevant extra files are free and posted.

All files mentioned above are accessible via links from the relevant portions of our website ( Take Two hosts all - no need to register with some third party or anything.

So why go through the whole original/expansion/gold run-around. Frankly, for mid tier games like ours, retailers give us the boot after 6-12 months if we don’t have fresh product. I just saw RT2 Platinum, basically an updated version of a 4 year-old (albeit still good and relevant, IMO), game at CompUSA yesterday. I guarantee that without these Gold and Platinum versions, the games would have been off the shelves within 12 months or less of original release.

As all veteran gamers know, you pay more to buy a game when fresh. It would be nice if we could be like the music industry - issue a CD at one price, and basically keep it at that price and in stock at retailers for years or even decades. Such is not the reality of this biz though.

Still, I think PopTop has made very good games, at reasonable prices, and done our best to be fair to existing users, while still keeping our games available to new users. And yes, all these gold edtions do help pay for the new stuff we’ve got in the works. Tropico 2 is looking very cool, and our next internal game - heh, heh, heh - I can’t wait to show it.

Phil Steinmeyer

BTW: Just to be clear - Mark A. was the producer of the whole Tropico : Mucho Macho package, including the video, the extra scenarios, etc.

If nothing else, by making the Mucho Macho version, we were able to give Mark a gig for about 6 months!

Did Mark come up with the name “Mucho Macho”? Because I, for one, love it!

No argument there. I am really enjoying Tropico+Exp. The game has a lot of polish, a sense of humour, and sounds great.

My only complaint with Tropico: After playing it, I just don’t enjoy the Impressions Games city-builders the same way that I used to. :-)

Thanks for visiting with us, Phil. Tropico is pretty high on my list of all-time favorite games…And I’ll have to check out some of those free downloadable scenarios. I was hoping you’d make them available for us. :-)

and sounds great.

Best music of the year, according to CGM. And I’d agree.

Just what I was trying to incite, if even through unorthodox methods. Thanks for replying, Phil.

I agree that PopTop has made some great games, and it was very cool to be able to give Mark a job. My only point was, and perhaps I was too premature in my decision, that the way the patches were explained that it seemed like those who bought the Gold version were getting a bit more souped up version of the game. Now that I see that’s not the case, I have no problem.

So keep making the good games, Phil! And keep up the good pr—there’s nothing like seeing someone at a game company actually replying to customers questions, even when they’re as, ahem, ill-tempered as mine.

Edit: Oh, and best music of the year indeed. After hearing the soundtrack, I went and plopped down some money on buying some of Danny’s work. Gotta love flamenco.

No, that was already in place when I started. I like the name too. I don’t think they used it in Europe, though. I think it’s Tropico Gold there and the box art makes the game look like a cigar box.