Trouble with patches downloads

Last night I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 2004 MegaPack patch and it appears as a file, not an application. When I double click it, it asks me what application to open it with. I thought maybe this was a bad download, but this morning I downloaded the new Warlords IV patch and the same thing happened. The patch is a file and not an application that asked me what program to open it with. I’m using Windows XP and this has never happened to me before. Any ideas?

On my system, it shows up as an executable, 205,371MB. Maybe yours got corrupted? Or if the file size is the same, try renaming it with a .EXE extension and giving it a whirl.

Thanks, Loyd, that worked for both patches. But why would I have to do that? What’s wrong with my computer that I have to do that now? I never had to in the past.

I’ve had this happen to me with a previous version of Firefox. It would strip out the extension after downloading the file. I never could figure it out, and it then disappeared on its own at some indefinable point.

It’s the latest windows XP update, it strips off the exe on downloaded files to prevent viruses.