True Blood Season Four

That was weird.

Everything with Bill, Eric, and the other vampires was nice and interesting and looks to have set up a long term plot - that said everything with Sookie was boring and in particular the fairy scene at the beginning was god awful.

Also Tara and Sam why are you wasting screentime when we could have more Eric Northman or Andy Bellefleur?

“You owe me a goddamn plaque!”

So is that what Sookie has to look forward to? Yikes.

It reminded me of what little I’ve seen of what I imagine were among the worst episodes of Angel, especially with the low-caliber combat.

I’m not sure what the implication of the “time to harvest the seeds we’ve planted” line was, but it appeared to indicate that the faeries have uses for the half-breeds as well as the regular humans. Who knows, perhaps it was purely metaphorical.

I’m not sure what the implication of the “time to harvest the seeds we’ve planted” line was, but it appeared to indicate that the faeries have uses for the half-breeds as well as the regular humans. Who knows, perhaps it was purely metaphorical.

It got a “lol, wut” from us. Not off to a great start.

They sure packed a lot of stuff into the glowy fruit time-travelling good-bad fairy-fire dodgeball Lumberg basejump pocketwatch opening. That shit was hard to watch. Thank god for Andy injecting some awesome and stabilizing the downward spiral.

Jessica/Hoyt was fun. Sam’s brother’s hair was cracking me up. Tara continues to be a caricature, and Lafayette remains my favorite dude on the show while Sookeh remains least-favorite. Eric is still awesome, and things are looking up for Beel.

I’ll watch the next few for sure, but after that opening I’m starting to wonder how many seasons this has left.

I saw an interview with Alan Ball recently where he said he was unsure if he had another season in him.

Angel made way, way, way more sense. But otherwise, you’re not wrong.

Not really a fan of the Jessica slutting it up plot they seem to have coming down the line. Just breaks too much of the cute Hoyt/Jessica relationship. We’ll see.

I realize they’re too entirely different animals, but after watching GoT season 1, there are a definite lack of holy fucks in True Blood.

After watching the 1st two eps of S2, I realize I don’t care about most of the characters any longer. The shtick factor has also grown old. If they can focus on Lafayette & Andy Bellefleur it may help redeem things a bit. I’m definitely pulling for the witch coven to wreak carnage on the tiring, political vamp underworld.

Yeah I agree, I thought this ep. was really pretty weak. The fairy land scene was laughably bad, and I didn’t think there was a great improvement after that. Eric is still awesome, Andy was probably the best character. The rest was dull. The preview for next episode looked more entertaining so here’s hoping.

I watched Episode S402 On Demand last night after the premiere. The plot arc gets better and is going in a very interesting direction…

One thing is for certain though – if there were complaints about the “fantasy” elements of Game of Thrones – the “fantasy” elements of True Blood just got turned up to a solid 9.5 on the fantastic scale last night. To score higher, they’d have to do a scene at some “Diagon Alley” in New Orleans.

Somehow though, I don’t expect Ginia Bellfante of the NY Times to starting whinging about True Blood not being for women because it’s a fantasy. (Funny about that).

How can you all ignore the baby serial killer!!!

He rips the heads off Barbies! “Why would he do that?”

“He’s a boy?”

I laughed, and the ghosts of all of my sister’s beheaded Barbies appeared around me chanting, “Evil! Evil!”

Urban Fantasy/romance/mystery is totally a chick genre. Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse, Vicki Nelson and the dozens of others of other series out there are a huge slice of genre fiction now.

I like the Saving Private Fairy part just because of the combination of aesthetic elements which made it seem more like a parody. Plus, it had Lumberg. The episode had a lot of little things I enjoyed, like Jason actually becoming a competent cop (or less incompetent) in 12 months (evidenced by his conversation with Andy about Lafayette) and Lafayette’s hair. But yeah, this should probably be its last season. Better to end on a relative high note than ruin the show.

It was giving me Star Trek cheesy combat flashbacks since it looked like they shot it at Vasquez Rocks. Phaser blasts, transporting, hominids in prosthetic makeup - it was like old times.

My gf watches Charmed, and that scene was pretty much the same thing, goofy fireballs and everything.

I guess what she was getting at is that they were snatching anyone with faerie blood to keep the vamps out of the realm. Sookie’s blood is literally a gateway drug.

Episode 1 impressions: So that happened.

That part I understood, but “HAAAARVEST” seemed more in keeping with some sort of strategy they had in play, not just a defensive move. Angie pointed out this great roundup of EP 1 highlights (obviously spoilers for EP 1). Either way, I’m not too invested in the big picture, such as it is, and the show has trolled me before with open-ended statements.

EP2 was better in some ways (that’s not ok to talk about until Sunday? How does it work?).