True Crime: Streets of L.A

Can one of you console owners who’ve played TC comment on this? It looks like a must-have to me. Not only does the game look cool as hell in a Mafia/GTA3-type way, but they’ve tarted it way up for its PC incarnation. Note the streaming levels with no zoning or load times. That’s just bitchin’! Maybe we’re not so unloved after all.

I liked this reasonably well on the XBox but it does have a few flaws. They tried to do a bit too much IMO, although large chunks of the game work quite nicely. I would recommend this game, and hopefully the PC version will address some of the issues.

On the XBox, the best part of the game was the driving, not so much due to the driving engine (which was good but not great) but due to the fantastic map of LA. You get 240 square miles of LA accurate to the street map (although not accurate to the buildings), from downtown in the East, Santa Monica in the west, Hollywood in the north and Venice in the south. Its HUGE, and you can get that “I Love LA feeling” driving around :).

The fighting part of the game was good but not great. It worked fairly well and had fun finishing moves, but is nowhere near the quality of Soul Caliber or the like. The fighting controls on the XBox were quite smooth and that part of the game was fairly well integrated into the whole game.

The shooting part of the game was frankly crap on the XBox. It used a lockon system AND an aiming system, neither one of which was worth a damn. The controls were clunky and I always felt like I was fighting the controls rather than the enemy in a shooting level.

On top of all of the above it has a fairly weak but innocuous stealth component: nowhere close to the league of Splinter Cell, and with fairly wonky controls.

However, the game has a LOT of features, and a good sense of LA style.

For the PC I might actually play it again, if they do a good job on the fighting controls. That is my one area of concern: the driving will be fine, the shooting should be MUCH better on the PC, but I worry about the fighting.

If the driving, shooting and fighting controls all work well on the PC, this could be a very strong title.


I had a lot of fun with the Xbox version, and was interested in the PC version until I played it at the launch party.

The version of the PC edition I played at the event they held for the game was horribly choppy. They tried to have a contest, and when I played it the thing was dropping to 15 fps or less in places. The PCs being used were pretty powerful (2.6Ghz, high level video cards, etc.), so I assume it was the game itself, not the rigs.

The aiming is better, as with the PC version of GTA. The fighting…doesn’t work so well without a control pad, but it’s passable. Graphics marginally better (mostly just resolution). They’ve added more music, mostly loud rock, which was a much-needed change from the almost 100% hip-hop soundtrack of the console versions.

I can’t imagine it being as good without a controller, but the real issue is the framerate. If they get it smoothed out before release, it’s definitely worth playing. But what I saw at the launch event I would not pay money for.

Thanks for the info, guys. I’ll keep an ear peeled (although that sounds painful…).