True Detective Season 3


First teaser. Damn, 2019 is going to be gigantic for HBO.


My only complaint: Why does it look like this detective isn’t paired up with someone?


So set in the 60s-ish? Looks promising for now.


Exactly my first reaction. I need chemistry and interaction.


Looks to be 1972-76 (based on the cars). I think it’s in Arkansas. Looks like they swap timelines from then and present day.

And don’t worry @Rock8man, He has a partner (the guy with Blonde hair in the scenes). Looks to be Steven Dorff.

EDIT: More info:

From the article:

Showrunner Nic Pizzolatto is collaborating on this latest True Detective story with Deadwood writer David Milch

OK, I am now freaking excited. Officially.


Yeah, I’m getting excited also. I’d skipped Season 2 and still don’t feel motivated to check it out, for fear of tainting my feelings about the show.


You didn’t miss a thing. It was really, really awful. Damn near incomprehensible at times. You could see the pain in Vince Vaughn’s face while watching it.


Hell, I enjoyed season 2. It was no season 1, but give it a whirl.


Season 2 had its moments for sure, but still a really big drop from season 1. Now that I think about it, I never even watched the final episode.


Yeah, season 2 was fine for what it was. It just didn’t live up to expectations. If someone were to watch season 2 first without having seen 1 or been exposed to the the hype it generated, I don’t think they would have the same negative reactions most did when watching. Season 1 just set the bar too high.


I actually didn’t watch the Finale like @Tim_N , and last year, gave the whole thing a second chance again from the beginning. I couldn’t. The script was awful. Boringly convoluted. Vaughn was the only compelling character. Blah.

Hope they get it right this time. I really want this to work. I think they’ve made good selections with casting, creative team, and setting it (largely) in period.



Huh, so it’s taking place across three different timelines? Sounds ambitious, hopefully not too confusing.


Reviews coming in. They’re a little spoilery if such things matter to you.


And we’re off!

I’m hooked.

My guess is they’re going to go the route of the West Memphis Three.


I haven’t seen the new season but sight-unseen Pizzolatto needs to admit he ripped off Ligotti and then go to Ligotti for help with the writing. I’ve read Pizzolatto’s novel Galveston, and while it was ok, it does not rise to the level of what happened in TDS1. Pizzolatto just doesn’t have the chops with the weirdness and without the weird-fiction (Yellow King) angle these are just cop shows.

However, Pizzolatto also likes to toy with the Southern Gothic style and Milch can maybe help him with that. Hell, I say we bypass the middle man and get a Ligotti/Milch joint going.


I only had a chance to watch the first of the two episodes, but I’m totally on board. Seems like it will be worth it just for Mahershala Ali alone.


Good to hear, I haven’t been that excited about it.


I mean, I’ve accepted that the first season was lightning in a bottle and don’t expect this will equal it, but I’m perfectly happy for a well-acted and beautiful Southern Gothic crime story. And that’s just what this seems to be.


I don’t know if I’m down for this after season two. I’ll read all your impressions and if it ends strong I’ll come back to it.