True Detective Season 3




THANKS! to you guys digging up the dirt on that D&D module. I couldn’t place it but it looked legit; kudos to the set dressers for that one.

My personal epiphany so far was with the teenagers and the purple VW bug blasting songs from X’s “Los Angeles” LP. That was so “me” when I was a punker back in highschool early 80s. Right down to the bug being purple. So weird.


In episode 1, the first meeting scene between Detective Wayne (Ali) and the school teacher who will become his wife is pure screen gold. Two people of color stuck in crackertown slowly opening up to each other about the background radiation of racism they live with.


I’ve been wondering where Roland got that limp in '90.

Looks like we’re about to find out.

Meanwhile, there’s like no way the trash dude was motorpool in 'Nam.

Also, David Milch got a co-writing credit on this one, if you couldn’t tell.


The “shitheel” line from Episode 4 is pure Milch.

— Alan

edit: I had no idea Milch only got a co-writing credit for this episode (and no others), which again makes perfect sense. I was assuming he had input throughout, but I’m glad I was able to actually pick this out on my own.


Episode 5 is available on demand now, and on Go/Now in the morning.

HBO releasing it ahead of the Super Bowl.


Yeah, that ambush was a textbook clusterf**k.


Episode 5 was very good, but my own experience of Claymore mines makes me think they understated the impact in a big way.


I think the Rolly was in the motorpool. I believe that all we learnt about trash man is that he came back in '72. But I could be way off base.


Episode 6 done. I’m really really digging this season. Fantastic performances across the board, but Stephen Dorff is just knocking it out of the park. The looks he was shooting at Tom during the interrogation were just unnerving.

We only have two episodes left, so the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. So the theory…


Tom is not the father of Julie. At this point, it’s sounding like it was Hoyt. Harris James was Hoyt’s muscle/security chief.

Hoyt was in Africa during the kidnapping. But if the stories of the white woman and black man in the sedan are true, then it’s Hoyt’s wife with his driver. She knows about Julie, and knows that she’s being raised terribly, and wants to “rescue” her. Hoyt’s mansion is undoubtedly the pink castle.

The uniform officer who supposedly took the farmer’s statement was Harris James.

Hays and West are going to kill Harris James. And this is what causes their split.


Solid solid season !!! I like the touch of the reference of season 1 and the photos on the computer. Looking forward to see how they wrap this up.


I had to be pushed into watching this season, and now I’m so so glad I did. It’s weird to see lukewarm reviews on what I feel like is a great season of TV.


I guess I would be one who viewed it very lukewarm.

I didn’t find the story particularly compelling, and they went overboard with the multiple timelines. I think Stephen Dorff’s acting was subpar (And especially his old-man makeup) but Mahershala Ali was excellent.

The ending was also really subpar, in my opinion and my wife and I both were left kind of feeling like ‘who cares’.

That being said, it was miles better than Season 2, while also being a far far cry from Season 1.


The ending was pretty weak, unfortunately. Also the music on the last episode seemed like it was from some other show.


I haven’t seen the ending yet, but have been preparing for a weak one. Even the outstanding season 1 had a weak ending. Great buildup, weak payoff seems to be the methodology.


The problem you guys are having is that you think this is a detective show. Now, in your defense, the show is called True Detective, but that’s never really been what it’s about at all.


Yeah I hated the end of season one. How’d all that hopey changey shit get into my delightful celebration of existential despair?


Man, tough crowd.

I liked the ending.


The end was classic “having your cake and eating it too.” But as has bern noted, this was not about that anyway.


I will never stop hating the end of season 1.