True Story about Derek

I’m in a computer lab doing a senior-level MIS project, except I’m really browsing the qt3 forums.

This guy named Douglas walks by, looks over my shoulder, and sees a quote of one of derek smart’s posts.

He blinks for a second, and then says “that’s not really derek smart - they’re just quoting him. your forums aren’t as cool as mine.”

Not that it really matters, but his mentioning something over your shoulder doesn’t really seem to be proof.

I hope it’s Derek, so I can play one of games (I really mean to get around to playing one) and then insult him because it’s not the best game evar! Or maybe something that most everyone else on just about every forum known to man hasn’t done…

hehe, an’ my mom was worried about me being famous. :lol:

Derek (or one of his Hussein-like doubles?) seems to show up on every gaming forum I’ve been to at one time or another. It’s become something of a joke that, like Beetlejuice, if you mention him three times in a row he’ll show up. Creepy thing is that it works…woooh, scarey. Happy Halloween!

Then there’s the only one thing to do: invoke the name of my old high school classmate (you think I jest, HAHAHAHA! I think I actually helped create him in my own small way), Kibo! Kibo! Kibo! It’s sort of like Tora! Tora! Tora! except they won’t be using stock footage of him in the remake of the infamous December 7 DDoS attack on Derek’s server.

LOL!!! Thats another urban legend born of pure coincidence :D :D :D

I heard that if you play one of the Battlecruiser games, you get a phone call. And then a week later, you die.



Well…if you never hear from me again it’s because I bought BCM last thursday.

Although, I bought the original BC3K when it first came out, then I returned it the very next day. Maybe that’s why I didn’t die the first time.

Incidentally Derek, you really aren’t kidding around here are you? This thing is ultra-detailed with a side of realism.

I heard that if you play one of the Battlecruiser games, you get a phone call. And then a week later, you die.



hehe. And just think : there’s no multiplayer yet.

btw, after patching to 1.0.07 FULL, you can try out the Beta of the upcoming 1.0.08 patch which is only available for download via the forum.

The only way to avoid dying from playing Battlecruiser Millennium is to make a copy for seven friends.

I guess I’m doomed on three counts:

  1. I don’t pirate games

  2. I don’t have seven friends that would accept BCM (too much effort for these console-weaned wussies :twisted: )

  3. I don’t have seven friends period. :oops:

LOL!!! Man you guys are funeee

Speaking of which, I have just released the last RC patch candidate. For a list of fixes between 1.0.07 (released on 03/07/02) and 1.0.08 RC23 (released today), view the VCF. There’s a boatload of stuff in there. :wink:

Once the 1.0.08 final is out, the multiplayer patch Beta will be released shortly after.