True tale of WoW stupidity

A few days ago I resubscribed to WoW after inexplicably getting the itch again. All my chars were there, including my lvl 49 Hunter, Guz. I want to get him to 60 this time, damnit, even though it’s more meaningless than ever before, but I thought I’d first enjoy some time at the top of the 40-49 battlegrounds bracket. Stomp on some people in the lower levels of the bracket like I used to get stomped on.

So I head into Arathi Basin. It’s been a few months since I last played, so my memory of how to use my Hunter is a little fuzzy but I seem to have the basics. Only I’m getting OWNED, even by players 5 or 6 levels below me. I just don’t seem to be doing any damage to them. This goes on for several hours, with my getting more and more frustrated until I quit for the day.

The next day I try again with the same results. Then I remember that I should be using the Bestial Fury (or whatever) skill, but notice that it seems to have become unbound in my setup. Then I see that it’s gone entirely.

The problem, of course, is that all of my Talent choices had been reset, presumably with the 2.0 patch that coincided with the addition of new talents. There was much cursing and spending of points, then back into the basin I went. This time I chewed up anybody a level or two below me and held my own with the rest. I guess those little bonuses really do add up.

So anyway, do we still have any Alliance guilds on Moonrunner? I need a re-invite if so.

Whats your characters name?


Sign up on the boards here and then send anyone in Drop Bears an invite, and we’ll get you back in.

We had a warlock along with us in Karazhan a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t figure out why he was doing less damage than the protection warrior. Turns out he hadn’t spent any spec points either. At least yours was innocent ignorance! :)

Cool, will do.

President Scroob, salute!

I was in BC beta and they reset talents every patch. A few times I’d log in on my rogue or hunter and wonder why I sucked so badly before I remembered I needed to respec.