Truly great game... trailers


Jedi Knight had a trailer full of the live-action stuff they’d shot for the game. Between that and the John Williams music they used from Ep VI, I watched that damn thing over and over, anticipating greatness.

The trailers for Baldur’s Gate, both 1 and 2. Really pulled you in.

Loved the intro to Starsiege. Too bad the game had some buggy mission scripting :(

I loved the trailers at E3 for Max Payne with the Teque song…I think it was “Cop Chase” or something to that effect. Those really made the game look slick as owl shit years before it finally got released.

Worst one ever!
Dear god the animations havent aged well…

I liked the Lost Planet theatre trailer, though I wasn’t a big fan of the game.

Ah yes, the Starsiege intro was truly great… hell, I love the series, the backstory, and the “Internet board” they had in Starsiege. Best of all, in the UK Starsiege and Tribes shipped as one product at the price of one product. Oh hell yeah :)

Of course, Max Payne just plain rocks… original was better though.

While not a trailer, Blizz did release the opening cinematic to “Diablo 2” months before the game.

I probably watched it 100 times.

Ah, the Rome Total War trailer. Another few years down the line, I reckon before the games actually look lke it…

Have you seen the full length introductory cinematic trailer since then? The conclusion sequences were cut out of the E3 version, so it actually makes it even more poignant.

The full length one, while more of a true story, lacked the same excitement that the E3 2006 trailer generated. It’s like the difference between watching the 300 trailer 1 and 2 (with 2 being the exciting one). Still, it nicely filled out the back story.

I just hope they’ve left something new for the game.

Any Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid trailer.

The GTA San Andreas one with Welcome to the Jungle playing. Myself I prefer game trailers to mostly show inengine/gameplay footage, I mean anybody can make a cgi video showing all sorts of explosions and stuff but whats the point if its not what you get to see while playing the game.

Well, if they’re doing a Diablo 2 then every Chapter will have its own cinematic plus one at the end when you beat the game.

Because watching someone else play a game is never as fun as playing it, and trailers truly suck at representing a game. I much prefer something which will give me a taste of the game’s world, its atmosphere, its people and my goals. Something which is going to make me think “I need this game”, and frankly, watching in-game footage is oh so rarely going to achieve that.

You are an ad-man’s dream sucker. “No facts, please. Market to me, baby!”

Would one of you guys mind linking to the Hellgate trailer you liked so much? There are a bunch of different vids out there and I would love to know which one you’re talking about.

Also, Brood War:


Why, since when did any of those things become irrelevant to gaming? To me story, character and atmosphere are top of my list of things I look for. Show me shots of an MMORPG battle and it will do nothing but raise a yawn, because WTF am I going to learn from that?

The shots of Dark Messiah in action didn’t blow me away, it was… well… sword fighting, big whoop. But the final release trailer sold me the fikkin’ game because I wanted in on that world. I don’t regret buying it either, I loved what they shot for. Personally I think they missed and it was less than it could have been, but still I’m glad I got to play.

I think in-game footage has its place, but IMO the final trailer should be using it sparingly, or it should be relegated to gameplay videos.

Hellgate: London E3 2006 Trailer

You’re going to learn exactly what you’re going to be playing. People buy games to play them, and you can’t play a trailer. Trailers are designed to make you want to spend your money, and are under no obligation whatsoever to reflect the actual quality of the game.